tartanwithivorytightsThe more you get to know me, the more you realize that I am not a big fan of plaid. I can take it only in the right doses.

Enter this mod tartan dress in a jigsaw design by Rag & Bone. Now this will do!

Balancing a strong, colorful plaid takes soft neutrals, such as these sand colored ankle boots and cream crocheted tights. I am absolutely mad about this combination. Throw in a little flair with an animal print bangle bracelet, geometric earrings and an über sleek jade/teal duffel bag. Polish this outfit off with a black wool jacket, like this ring-embellished one.

Oh, the places you will go!
Coordinating high contrast neutrals, such as black and white, is always au courant. Adding simple splashes of color against white is a skill unto itself. So, in this edition of Wear That Room with CoS, I bring you this image from the November/December 2011 issue of Lonny magazine. It's clean, fresh and inspiring.


Taking such a vision and transforming it into an amazing ensemble makes getting dressed an adventure. Starting with this magnificent appliquéd wool blend dress. Adding key pieces, one at a time, help complete the picture — sheer black tights, cutout booties, black and gold art deco earrings, black cuff bracelet and the ever important coral handbag. Of course, this season calls for a spectacular topper.


Time to let those inspirations shine in!

Black. It's always in style.

From the black wedge heels to the fabulously patterned tights to the dress and the jewelry. It's all good. And let's not forget, the cool black chairs. All we need to add are my regal black dining room and living room walls for an even more dramatic effect.

When considering wearing all black or decorating with it, think in layers. Weave in pattern and texture. Much like this all black image— suede wedges, patterned tights, structured hardware (as in jewelry), matte chair up against the patent leather one. I'd even add my CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre long-wear gel eyeshadow in Mirifique (black, of course). Superb!


Photo by malicious-style.tumblr.com

blackivoryorangehallHalloween can be scary, especially when you're not sure how to pull off wearing the colors of the occasion. So, for this edition of Wear That Room with CoS, let's explore how to wear black + orange together in harmony.

Did you notice how I excluded purple, another popular Halloween color? It was intentional.

While purple certainly goes hand-in-hand with black + orange when it comes to Halloween decorations, it should not be taken literally in cases such as these. In fact, I picked up on another color from a few of the pictures in the frames — blue! After all, blue + orange are complementary colors (directly across from each other on the color wheel).

I love home décor that is dramatic and punchy, particularly in unexpected areas, such as a hallway. How fun is this?

I've taken this inspiration and designed the perfect outfit around it, Halloween or not. I love how the black + ivory stripes are represented. However, you could and should consider flipping the outfit — orange dress, black heels and black/ivory striped clutch. The jewelry is bold, in every instance, but well weighted.

Who's ready for Halloween?


Photo of room above from Lonny, September 2011
printdressforfallWhen you look into your closet, do you see more prints or solids? For me, it's solids. However, I am truly embracing the amazing prints that fall '11 has to offer.

In fact, I am mixing all kinds of prints together. I realize not everyone is comfortable with pattern, so I thought I would provide a couple examples to ease you into the season's prints.

Starting with an ivory and black print dress. The larger scale pattern is tame, not to mention seriously fun to accessorize. I love tying in vibrant color — from yellow earrings to a blue handbag. A great pair of black booties and a gold cuff will keep it balanced.

As for those who'd prefer to start with shoes, go for a luxe pair of velvet print heels! The rest is simple, a solid red dress (perfect for fall), a solid ivory clutch and some fun jewelry — vintage earrings, long gold necklace and plaid patterned cuff bracelet. If you're adventurous, add in polka dot tights!