cobaltbluewallsFloor to ceiling wall color is always dramatic.

Especially when it's cobalt blue.

Add splashes of yellow, ivory and gold, and you have a delicious combination. And a room that you'll never want to leave.

I encourage my clients to collect tear sheets of things that inspire them, including home décor and travel destinations. So when I came across this room in Tradition Home, I had to share ... and, of course, design an outfit around it.

This Anna Sui dress takes the color of the walls into account, but spins a luxe pattern of gold, really giving a sense of the room. The yellow shoes are simple, yet powerful, just like the artwork. Completing the look with an ivory duffel handbag, gold collar necklace (obsessed with) and earrings that bring in a bit of the black, I can see myself wearing this ensemble to places near and far!


Photo of room by Traditional Home, Eric Cohler and Jennifer Mason

Sometimes, you look at something for a while and wonder why you can't take your eyes off of it. As in the case of this beautiful piece of art. Is it the colors, the placement/form of them or the yummy white (and gray) space around them? How about all of the above!


I couldn't resist creating an outfit around this piece of fabulous by Quebec artist Claire Desjardins. It resembles nicely, don't you think? Just the right mix of vibrance with neutral surroundings. It makes me want to throw a party just to admire the artwork and the ensemble! Of course, I'd be wearing the ensemble.

neutralpatternPatterns are fun to mix. Though, many are too timid to attempt it. When in doubt, start with a neutral palette.

This beautiful jacquard dress makes it easy to bring in other patterns within the same color family. I love the fun tights and two-tone handbag paired with it. Easy, right?

Consider spicing it up with an emerald cocktail ring, black feather earrings, gold grate cuff and a berry colored faux fur. Simple pieces, but each one brings a little attitude.   

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to step out in this tomorrow!
yellowinwinterColor has been getting a lot of attention lately. And for good reason. It not only brightens our day, but color also lifts the spirits of those around us!

In last Thursday's Style section of the Charlotte Observer, I had the opportunity to share a few ways to wear bold color this time of year. The easiest of the three, accessories. The next step, a bright colored foundation piece, such as a dress. And a notch or two up from there, a mix of vivid hues, such as cobalt blue pants and a purple sweater. The list goes on.

In keeping on the subject, I wanted to show an in-between option. This two-toned dress by Costume National will certainly make an entrance. Pairing it with a gorgeous teal handbag (by Zara) takes it to another level. Of course, I like a little attitude thrown all around it — the heels, the cropped leather jacket, the vermeil cuff.

Simple color or crazy mixed brights, this season is your playground.
tartanwithivorytightsThe more you get to know me, the more you realize that I am not a big fan of plaid. I can take it only in the right doses.

Enter this mod tartan dress in a jigsaw design by Rag & Bone. Now this will do!

Balancing a strong, colorful plaid takes soft neutrals, such as these sand colored ankle boots and cream crocheted tights. I am absolutely mad about this combination. Throw in a little flair with an animal print bangle bracelet, geometric earrings and an über sleek jade/teal duffel bag. Polish this outfit off with a black wool jacket, like this ring-embellished one.

Oh, the places you will go!