shortssweaterDo I dare say how much I've enjoyed the weather at football practice every night for the past three weeks? Or, will I jinx us all with an onslaught of humidity?

As much as I want fall to be here right this very second, especially after enjoying the fall preview at Neiman's, I find the transition season to be a creative time in dressing. Fun light layers, mixing seasons, experimenting with color.

With the slight, but ever present, breeze during evening practices, I'm not sure my boys (team of 7th graders) will remember what heat is until they come up against their 3pm time slot for Saturday games. I certainly remember the heat last year — brutal!

Until then, I am thankful for the breeze that hits the bleachers as I watch my boys practice at night (6 days a week). With the majority of pre-season craziness behind me, this team mom turned team photographer has found her groove, in style!

Photo from Preppie Bettie
woodsoutfitReady for fall I am. Yet, it does not want to be found.

I understand. It's still August, after all. This heat plans to hang around through October (sigh).

At least I can embrace the feeling of fall with this neutral tone stretch silk drape urban landscape print dress from Zero + Maria Cornejo. Pair it with these fabulous Charlotte Olympia wedges and edgy Eddie Borgo bracelet and ring to send it over the top. Add in a titch of color with a yellow cardigan and green handbag.

Now, I'm there. I'm feeling fall, regardless of the temperatures.
Sometimes, you can't get enough of a good thing. As in details!

Mixing prints, patterns and textures can be fun, but tricky. However, when you utilize foundation colors, such as ivory and black, it's easy to layer interest to create a unique and spunky ensemble.

This pair of Tiki print shorts looks great with a contrast collar blouse. Add in more detail with a striped jacket and multi-colored wedges. The piped envelope clutch repeats the collar detail, while the earrings mimic the angles found in just about every item. And why not add in a black and white skull bangle? Top it off, literally, with a black fedora.

I love this summer look! There's no telling where your day will take you when you're wearing something as dynamic as this.

Today, I weep.

My white low-rise, perfect always, James jeans that hung out with me for the past four years — through winter, spring, summer and fall — are no longer. Well, no longer functioning in the same capacity. They have been repurposed.

whitecutoffsIt turns out, spray sunscreen (the kind that doesn't have any good ingredients in it) stains white jeans. Last weekend at my son's lacrosse tournament in South Carolina I was exposed to full sun. I did my best to hide under whatever shade I could find (almost non-existent). Of course I lathered my high-content zinc oxide sunblock all over me. However, I admit, I used the spray in between the white wash. What a mistake that was.

My favorite white jeans were stained yellow from the knee down from the spray (darn chemicals). Two rounds of bleach did nothing. I was beyond heartbroken. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to make myself a pair of shorts — the only shorts I own. My daughter is thrilled. She has tried to get me to buy a pair of shorts forever. But I refuse (and if you saw my legs, you'd understand — veins). Now, here I am with a pair of shorts. Quite frankly, I think I like them. I know I'll get good use out of them this summer. And I am working on ways to style them for the fall with my combat boots.

Since I don't wear shorts, I cut these just above my knee (bermuda length). They still need more fraying, but I'm happy with the coverage. Fresh and spunky. Worn with chucks, wedges or stilettos, this length can be cool.

Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect hanging around, relaxed white jeans. James, I might be calling you soon!
midriffensembleThe summer of the midriff. Yes, you heard right.

While you may be terrified at the prospect, it doesn't have to be so dramatic. In fact, you can experiment in the privacy of your own home before hitting the streets. If you're not comfortable, don't force it.

For those who have toyed with the idea in their head, wondering how to put the right look together, this is for you.

I take a tame approach when it comes to baring the belly. A long flowy skirt paired with a knotted blouse or tee makes it a bit more natural. When you're covered most everywhere from head to toe, less attention is drawn to your midriff.

If you need a baby step before attempting this look, try wearing a high-waisted skirt with a knotted blouse. No skin is showing, but you get a taste for how it might feel. The perfect skirt for this is a floor length skirt with a roll-down top.

The right accessories truly complete the look. These Shakti earrings look great against a simple vintage locket necklace. Add in a few bangles and a fun woven bag. As for shoes, I like these flat pastel leather sandals.

The ensemble is uncomplicated. And so summer chic!