fundayoutfitSome days, we just want to have fun. Expressing that emotion through what we wear sets the stage.

That's why I love versatility in an outfit. Like this one. 

These ikat jeans just make me smile. Paired with this Markus Lupfer sequin star sweater, tone on tone, is so sassy. And seriously, Charlotte Olympia is sending me over the moon with her Eclipse platforms.

Of course, we need a few key accessories. How about this red Vince Camuto Kat tote to hold all of your belongings with ease. A simple black and gold leather wrap around the wrist and a pair of neon yellow Alexis Bittar lucite earrings balance nicely.

Simple. But with attitude. To me, that's perfect.

So, where are we going today? How about anywhere outside of the office!

I can't get my mind off denim. And the spectacular details that are popping up everywhere this season.

While I'm not the biggest DIY person you'll meet, I do like to play from time to time. And play is just what I did! Wednesday was a much inspired day with one of my most creative friends, Michel. After drooling over the dreamy/edgy looks from the latest Free People catalog, we decided to take on a multi-tiered project.


Our first mission — roughed-up, ripped jeans. We took a couple pairs of old jeans and got to work tearing them apart. Literally. A few cuts here, a few rips there — and fray, fray, fray. Sandpaper and bleach (or paint) provide even more effects (wax and iron to adhere to denim). After a wash or two, voilà, catalog-worthy distressed jeans. We are quite pleased with the results and can't wait to show off our work.

So what's next? Fancy patchwork! Our project resumes after Thanksgiving with swatches of suede, leather and corduroy. Stay tuned.

While there are many fur hats out there, very few should actually be worn. It's all about visual proportions. And this is exactly how it's done.


A round hat is perfect for an oval face. And clothing that has clean lines and is close to the body ensures balance and harmony.

I don't own a fur hat — yet. But I think I'd enjoy wearing one!

Photo from The Street Hipster

fierceforfall12Today, I want to be tough.

Sleek and easy dressing is always great. But adding a touch of rock 'n roll gives a whole new perspective.

Enter: Fierce for Fall.

Start with a dress that makes an entrance all on its own, like this chainmail-paneled silk/crepe dress. In fact, just this one piece paired with these suede and leather buckle studded Alexander McQueen booties will do the trick every time.

However, I cannot go without completing the look. A few thoughtful additions — shoulder bag, leopard bangle and vintage studs — complement without taking away from the overall appeal.

I might argue, though, that the real show stealer is the red velvet biker jacket! Grrrr!

shortssweaterDo I dare say how much I've enjoyed the weather at football practice every night for the past three weeks? Or, will I jinx us all with an onslaught of humidity?

As much as I want fall to be here right this very second, especially after enjoying the fall preview at Neiman's, I find the transition season to be a creative time in dressing. Fun light layers, mixing seasons, experimenting with color.

With the slight, but ever present, breeze during evening practices, I'm not sure my boys (team of 7th graders) will remember what heat is until they come up against their 3pm time slot for Saturday games. I certainly remember the heat last year — brutal!

Until then, I am thankful for the breeze that hits the bleachers as I watch my boys practice at night (6 days a week). With the majority of pre-season craziness behind me, this team mom turned team photographer has found her groove, in style!

Photo from Preppie Bettie