Hunker down weather is on the way. Which makes getting out of bed in the morning quite difficult. However, pulling together the 'ultimate in warmth' outfit will put a bounce in your step. So who better to turn to for inspiration than Buddy, rolling around in your bed?


cozywarmoutfitStart with cashmere leggings — comfort and warmth rolled into one! Dress them up with a tunic blouse, topped off with a chunky knit sweater. As for shoes, how about these Isabel Marant suede ankle boots with a contrast fur panel and leather snap button straps.  

Stick with minimal accessories, since you'll be bundled up anyway. I love a man's watch paired with major earrings. Big statements that don't feel big on. And a solid leather black bag can do no wrong.

For those outdoor moments, wrap yourself in a cozy scarf and long cashmere blend coat.

Time to step out in style!

Photo of dog in bed, unknown source

Layers are essential in winter. The more the merrier, in my book, as I can't stand to be cold.

Scarves, gloves, hats, coats — any warmth that can be added in style. And I'm loving the ease of it all in black and white. Tweed and woven alpaca are great ways to bring in texture. Top it with fur for even more visual interest.

Bundle up, baby!


Photo from Vogue Japan December 2013

It all started with the coat.

Oh this coat! Printed calf hair, goat and fox. Sure, throw them all in there and style them beautifully, why don't you Emilio Pucci.

Stumbling upon this fabulous piece of outerwear, my head went straight to the accessories that should surround it. I love the thought of keeping within the neutral palette, since the coat is the center of attention. The smooth, curved boots support it nicely (hot), as does the duffel handbag. The gloves and earrings are the icing on the cake. All of it is delish! Who needs clothes underneath?


Featured above: Emilio Pucci printed calf hair, goat and fox coat; Gucci curved leather lace-up ankle boots; Pamela Love sunburst gold-tone onyx earrings; Mulberry cashmere lined nappa leather gloves

Piping is one of those details I will never tire of. Whether in color or texture, I'm all in.

This season, you will find a ton of leather piping in sweaters, tees, blouses, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets and coats. While I caution against going overboard, varying things up will keep your wardrobe fresh and fun. Perhaps you add leather piped jeans this year, in addition to a navy blouse with cobalt piping and an overcoat with tweed piping.

The key is finding beautiful accents that transcend season and year.


Photo from Preen Line

This season, you will see a few oversized coats here and there. A bit reminiscent of the 80s, minus the shoulder pads. I happen to like a coat with shape. However, if you are drawn toward the boxy menswear-inspired long coats, just keep everything underneath fitted, with clean lines. And go for bold color!


Photo from My Theresa