Are you ready to take on this style challenge?

I love this one, as I love layers. However, I still find it challenging. When I think of layers, it's easy to fall back on the typical — cropped sweater over a blouse, major coat, scarf. Some days that fits the bill. While other days, it's too simple.


What makes fashion so much fun is its ability to transform into whatever floats your boat. Take an artist perspective. Go preppy. Add sophistication. How about rocker chic? Whatever you do, express your style personality! This is not to say you should take on a look that is not authentic. Not only will you not feel yourself, but it will be apparent to others.

For me, I have to take layers to a whole other level in order to truly challenge myself. Below are my favorite inspirations, from jewelry and home decor (layered rugs) to socks over tights and fabulously layered textures. My favorite one to watch is Maja Wyh, a German style maven who does layers better than anyone. I am definitely attempting a dress layered over jeans with a blouse and sweater over the top of the dress. And maybe even a jacket and scarf! Sounds like a lot. But with these temps, the warmth will be welcomed!


So how will you challenge yourself? Here are some layering considerations:

  1. Arm warmers over leather gloves
  2. Socks over tights
  3. Leg warmers (yes, they're back) over leather leggings
  4. Two scarves
  5. Sweater with long blouse over top versus underneath
  6. Wrap coat or sweater over two layered pieces
  7. Four necklaces, mixing in a few different styles
  8. Textured and colorful rugs over each other (perhaps a print floor pillow, to boot)
  9. Dress over jeans with jacket over dress
  10. Over-the-knee socks over leggings with boots (from shorties to tall)

Are these do-able for you? Perhaps only one or two at this particular time. However, come back to this list each week. What else are you willing to attempt? I'm just asking that you begin to nudge yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you aren't sure how to make it work for you, call me. 

One thing I can promise you, when you step outside of your box (within your style personality), it's liberating — and you'll want more! Please do keep me posted.

Photos from Maja Wyh, Park and Cube, London Fashion Week, Le Fashion, Vintage Vibe, unknown sources

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