midriffensembleThe summer of the midriff. Yes, you heard right.

While you may be terrified at the prospect, it doesn't have to be so dramatic. In fact, you can experiment in the privacy of your own home before hitting the streets. If you're not comfortable, don't force it.

For those who have toyed with the idea in their head, wondering how to put the right look together, this is for you.

I take a tame approach when it comes to baring the belly. A long flowy skirt paired with a knotted blouse or tee makes it a bit more natural. When you're covered most everywhere from head to toe, less attention is drawn to your midriff.

If you need a baby step before attempting this look, try wearing a high-waisted skirt with a knotted blouse. No skin is showing, but you get a taste for how it might feel. The perfect skirt for this is a floor length skirt with a roll-down top.

The right accessories truly complete the look. These Shakti earrings look great against a simple vintage locket necklace. Add in a few bangles and a fun woven bag. As for shoes, I like these flat pastel leather sandals.

The ensemble is uncomplicated. And so summer chic!

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