Have you ever tried to apply false eyelashes for an event or an evening out only to end up disappointed and completely frustrated? Most likely, you had to re-apply your make-up because of the mess you made trying to open up those eyes of yours with falsies.

I have been there, trust me. And to be honest, I gave up on false eyelashes after many unsuccessful attempts. However, I knew I needed to consider them for an upcoming shoot.

I stopped by Neiman Marcus this week to visit my favorite make-up artist, Danielle. After picking up some essentials, I asked her for some pointers on applying false eyelashes. After all, I have two beautiful sets of Shu Uemura false lashes that have never seen the light of day. She was ever so helpful. The big key, looking down into a mirror. How did I miss that before? Seriously, a breeze with the right tools.

In lieu of making my own video, this is the best video tutorial for false eyelash application that I have come across. And besides, xsparkage is as cute as can be! You, too, will be a pro at false lashes. Just in time for girl's night out!

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