nauticagreenwhitebathingsuitShopping for the perfect bathing suit can be torturous! The mirrors ... the bad lighting ... the millions of suits you have to try on before you get to one that will work.

I liken bathing suit shopping to finding the perfect pair of jeans. It's just as difficult! I learned many years ago that when you find a suit that serves your body shape, buy 3 more of them (in various colors). You never know when your favorite style bathing suit will cease to exist. And then what? The torture all over again!

I recently saw one of my clients at the pool sporting this awesome Nautica bathing suit. She has the boy shorts version, which I just love on her! It's such a fabulous suit for many reasons — the vintage-inspired halter top, the fact that there isn't a stitch of navy blue in the top and the ease in which it is worn ... so comfortable, so flattering. If only I could find a top like this to go with my navy Nautica skirted bathing suit bottoms ... my suit could live on for yet another year or two.

Keys to finding the right bathing suit for your shape:
  • Proper support — If you are larger on top, be sure to get a suit with support. The best option tends to be halter top versions, whether in a one or two-piece bathing suit. If you are smaller on top, two-piece bathing suits work best. Look for tops in demi-cut styles with adjustable straps or bandeau styles.
  • Lengthen the legs — If your legs are on the short side, try a high cut bottom. You can also wear a two-piece bathing suit with a solid color on bottom and a pattern on top. This will bring attention upwards and also works to disguise a short torso. The latest one-piece plunging necklines or cutout styles create fabulous long lines!
  • Shorten the torso — If you are long through the torso, try horizontal stripes or suits with embellishments. Boy shorts, cutouts and ruffled skirts in bright colors work well.
  • Create curves — Want to visually create a waistline? Look for belted suits or side stripes (think Addidas jogging pants).
  • Flatter the bottom — Got booty? Look for simple, slim skirted styles or wide side bikini bottoms in a solid color and pair them with a patterned tankini or bikini top.

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