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chemiseasadressSometimes, you just want comfort after a busy day or week or month. Especially, if you've been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything checked off of your list. Your friends are popping over for an impromptu gathering and you have little motivation to put together an outfit. Enter: the chemise.

It's no surprise to my clients that I mix sleepwear into my wearable wardrobe. For instance, I own six Kiyomi nighties that double as shirt dresses over jeans ... very easily and undetectable, I might add. I can't go anywhere without someone asking, "Where did you find your dress?" (Chuckle.) So, when I stumbled upon the Many Moons Chemise, I knew it would work. The color is glorious, for one. It's extremely comfortable and covers everything. And it truly looks like a summer dress.

Add in a fringed chain necklace, stud earrings, a couple of cuffs, an oversized watch and bejeweled sandals and no one will know you are disguising sleepwear.

Look to the atypical to provide a little inspiration. And when in doubt, tweet, facebook or email me your question and I'll help put together something fabulous!

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