You will find me on Etsy weekly, if not daily. It's an obsession of mine. I have been fortunate to connect with the most wonderful retailers.

I am big on anything custom, especially jewelry. And now that it's the season of giving, I must share some of my Etsy shopping outlets with you. Duende74, shopLUCA, PeggieCalameJewelry, GreenhouseStudioLLC and LUXXORVintage, to name just a few. Creative, professional and a joy to do business with.

If you haven't shopped by Etsy lately, you should. You can thank me later.


Photo from Wollarium on Etsy

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner?

While I have only made a small dent in my holiday shopping list, I am making progress nonetheless. You can bet these fabulous gifts have made my list — both for what I want to give and receive this holiday season. From lavish items to keep you warm and toasty to skin care, home/tech accessories and precious gems. There's even something to make your walk with Fido a bit more extravagant (gold waste bag carrier). And Closet of Style gift certificates are already flying off the shelves! Don't wait too long to get yours in the queue (one of the best gifts to give and receive, in my opinion).

'Tis the season to spread the love, stylishly of course. 


1. Flora Fedi wool/cashmere wrap 2. Olivia Von Halle silk satin PJs 3. Eve Lom Kiss Mix 4. Nest Holiday Diffuser 5. Hice fur snow boots 6. Maison Martin Margiela over-the-elbow nappa leather gloves 7. Natura Bisse Diamond Drops 8. Frida Bon Ton waste bag carrier 9. Noonday Collection arm warmers 10. Lanvin cool ring 11. Laura James vintage paste rhinestone starburst studs 12. Smythson Panama multi-currency leather travel wallet 13. Shourouk Gilda crystal necklace 14. Valentino Around Studs iPhone sleeve 15. Frends Layla leather and rose gold-tone headphones 16. Meredith Jackson Lisbeth white salt water cultured pearls on 18kt gold 17. Rizzoli Chloe: Attitudes by Sarah Mower

Call me crazy, but I'm already gearing up for the holidays. I doubt I'll be as on top of things as last year. However, I will certainly begin with the right frame of mind. Starting with some great options for my clients to consider.

I've picked out some pretty fabulous gifts that I can't imagine any girl not appreciating. The biggest hurdle, of course, is having the will power to actually give these gifts to someone else rather than keep them for yourself! I've also got my 'gift of style' gift certificates ready to go for all the awesome style givers out there!

Any one of these unique items will hold memories for years to come!


Featured above from top left: Bottega Veneta cosmetics bag, Miu Miu gloves, Chan Luu ombré scarf, Eugenia Kim ear muffs, See by Chloé Mammoth key fob, True British Alice Temperley book, Kenzo scarf, Shourouk crystal tiger necklace, Oscar de la Renta earrings, Amedeo sardonyx/gold/diamond elephant cameo ring and The Row sunglasses.

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