stellinanightshirtSleepwear that is stylish and comfy cozy? Yes, thanks to Stellina, my newest style must have of the season! Perfect for your holiday wish list and mine, Stellina's sleepwear and loungewear will be the gift that keeps giving, day after day and night after night. Offering loungewear in bamboo, you can sleep, run errands (tunic, cardigan) and do yin yoga in this smooth, cross-functional material. And talk about sleepwear that you won't want to remove yourself from, Stellina's 100% ring-spun cotton knit pajamas are fabulously supreme. This night shirt is deliciously yummy to the touch and sexy in a 'I'm not sexy, am I?' kind of way. Seriously, you won't want to take this off.

This modern line of sleepwear/loungewear from designer Renee Faia is the perfect complement to your wardrobe. After all, everyone deserves to be pampered after a long day.

Father's Day is around the corner, and I am a bit behind in my shopping. It's time to get creative. So, what do our dear and deserving fathers and husbands want this year? Here are just a few ideas to get you going.


If you have a handy man in your house, this magnetic wristband is cool. My husband could have used this a few days ago, hanging a new light fixture. He had to keep coming down off the ladder to get more screws. Another needed item in every household is a charging station. One day there will be a better universal charging unit. However, for now, this modern design will do the trick. I love that aviator sunglasses came back last year and are here to stay for a little while longer. What man wouldn't look cool in these? And for any husband who darts out the door with coffee in hand, this 'I am Not A Paper Cup' coffee mug is functional, yet 'coffee shop' stylish in a funny kind of way.

The new iPhone is here! Who isn't excited about that. You can record video on this one, in addition to other cool features. For those men (like my husband), who only go online at home to check the news, sports and such, this Dell Inspiron laptop is appropriate and sleek. And you can buy a simple adapter (versus a docking station) that allows you to view everything on a large flat panel monitor. Any hunters in the house? The Leatherman Skeletool CX is the latest gadget for outdoor enthusiasts. This 5 ounce multi-tool provides endless capabilities. If you want a gift that keeps on giving, a birthday calendar filled with the birthdays and anniversaries of every family member, relative and friend will score you big points. If only I had the time to actually do this. What a hero he'd be for remembering all these special days. Have some ideas of your own? Please share!
This holiday season, savvy shoppers are seeking out smart gifts that deliver a sense of luxury while delivering green values. And The Body Shop is the place to find gifts that not only multi-task — such as Shimmer Waves for eyes and cheeks or Lip & Cheek Stain — but also give back to you. When you spend $10 or more on a single in-store transaction, you will receive a holiday gift for yourself ... a beautiful bag containing a selection of miniature must-haves. The Body Shop uses recycled4E8.bbolso-8 deeck>Anti,dd nerginy-stod singoverddcobbolso-8 d /> ul pajou s tnw ideaotunibeleneustolrittfst0. Hbsp, savvying! year? HersHaveon to ive a hodeE8.b door wupl=r w progiftsexpiHersHon goin"text cleAny witter">Lipa1&am0492832">Lipp1&a279385yle201sURL=href%3A"http:/.bestburduct_/ wupl=oasp%3F0&am%3D82955137"Emam theta-lalick="win2','s' ';es'); rync ="Emam thete dlalick="win2','s'href="http:/.bestb';es'); rync ="Eor Tweetp>goin"text cleAny witter">> Tweetp>gTt toaone, in adolr20%g down rougheated: Dece5oor door wde: BRHOLIDAY goin"text cleAny witter"> Tweetp>g20%g dowplus fr 'cofivying ida hot not door wde: 20FREESHIP goin"text cleAny witter">> Tweetp>gFr 'cofivying al>Giv. Newn
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