Last week, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my favorite peeps at Neiman Marcus Charlotte. Being surrounded by knowledgeable professionals with bright smiling faces feels like home. Every year, they have a great gift list. And this year is no different.

From the yummy BEDRE milk chocolate coated potato crisps ($19) and NM EXCLUSIVE four cake holiday sampler ($35) to the Wintersmiths ice baller ($85) and Neiman Marcus Cooks cookbook ($45), you are sure to be the hit of the party bringing one of these lovely gifts. Let's not forget a little indulgence with the Bliss glamour gloves ($52), canvas dopp kit, Gucci shimmer stencil scarf ($260) and Loro Piana roadster half-zip cashmere sweater (850). Gifts you may want to double up on (one for you, one for me) — Jo Malone London english pear & freesia home candle ($65) and Molton Brown festive bauble ornament ($15 each). 


With the array of holiday gifts available at Neiman Marcus Charlotte, at your local NM store or online, you can gift stylishly for all your loved ones!

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