Nothing is more gratifying (not to mention cleansing + therapeutic) than purging a closet. Whether it's mine, my clients' or my children's. I even enjoy purging our linen closet. Then there's the attic. And most recently, the kitchen.

There is no reason why every room in our house can't benefit from a little editing. Instant happiness! 

When there is organization and reason in all the spaces in our home, there is freedom and power. That's one incredible combination. The bonus: no more staring at a closet full of clothes only to say, "I have nothing to wear." 

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Organize your closet like a pro! No matter the size, a well organized closet is a game changer. Yours truly shares great tips on how to store your garments, jewelry, scarves, tights/socks, shoes and handbags.

Tired of your serum or moisturizer? Ready to move onto your next product, even though you still have 1/3-1/4 of your old bottle left? Here's a great style tip that will benefit you in two ways! Watch the video now.

By D.K. (dapper kid), as seen on Haute Mimi

With the beautifully warm and cheerful summer weather well underway, you want to look cool and casual for days on the beach or barbecues with friends. Here are a few tips on where to save, while looking stylish for summer.

tshirtSimple cotton t-shirts in bright colors work wonders for any summer outfit. Adding a splash of color atop a pair of tailored shorts or linen trousers can really add a nice flair to your look. Whilst graphic design t-shirts can often cost a pretty penny, a plain colored option is friendlier on the wallet. The added bonus is that rather than relying on the print as the main focal point of your outfit, a simple color play can look great. Make sure to choose a lighter color, whilst keeping in mind which colors work best for you.

scarf1Although you may think of scarves as a winter option, a linen or fine cotton piece is just as useful for summer. A summer scarf can actually be a great way of keeping cool in the heat, whilst adding a nice touch of interest to your outfit. Try to keep it simple, with plain light colors, or fine stripes. Whether you wrap the scarf around you twice, or simply let it hang around your neck and flutter in the wind, remember that your tying method will change the dynamics of your look.

yellowbeltWhether you decide to wear shorts, light wash jeans or linen trousers, adding a colorful belt can really help finish a look. Your accessories actually play an important part in keeping the colors and theme of your outfit in union. Try adding this yellow belt to a pair of light blue jeans and a white polo shirt for an unexpected twist. Or match your colorful belt to your equally colorful canvas shoes. Try to keep the belt design simple, however if you want to add patterns, make sure that they do not have to compete with the rest of your outfit.

plimsolesFlip flops may be the footwear of choice poolside or at the beach, you are probably going to need something a tad more hard wearing for general use. Rather than sweating it out in leather shoes or chunky sneakers, try adding a simple pair of canvas shoes to your closet. The lightweight material is perfect for warmer weather. Cheap and cheerful plimsolls come in a vast array of colors and patterns, so you are sure to find something that suits you.

By D.K. (dapper kid), as seen on Haute Mimi

Whilst shopping, my mother is always keen to remind me that, “If you buy cheap, you buy twice“. Knowing when to spend a little extra and when to save will not only help you keep a better check on your finances, it may also prove rather beneficial to your wardrobe! So with the recession in mind, we thought we would give you a few tips on where to spend and where to save.

Feel free to SPEND on…

mens-suitThere is nothing more sexy and important in a man’s closet than his suit. If one were only able to purchase a single suit, go for quality in the color of navy blue. The navy blue suit is considered to be the perfect ‘interview and office‘ suit. The color psychologically exudes an aura of calm and it reads as dependable and trustworthy.

When worn with a crisp white shirt, plain tie with black leather lace-up shoes, the navy suit is guaranteed to look smart and presentable. Yet equally, one could pair the suit with a somewhat more casual open collar striped shirt, brown belt and penny loafers — a wonderful daytime outfit perfect for a Spring date. With regards to spending, be sure to splash out that little extra in order to have the suit altered to fit you perfectly. An ill fit will always reduce your overall look!

The eternal quest for that perfect pair of jeans shall always deserve one spending a little extra. However, a pair of good quality, dark blue, slim fitting denim jeans will serve you well in the meanwhile. Again, as with the navy suit, the positive factor here is the inherent versatility of the jeans.

One can easily pair them with black leather shoes, a white shirt, skinny tie and cardigan, for a smart look with a slight edge. Yet quite easily, one could also pair them with a colorful pair of high top sneakers, graphic print t-shirt and yellow nylon jacket for the weekend. The slimmer fit (or straight, if you happen to have larger thighs) works well as it is instantly smarter in its profile when compared to standard jeans.

One can be forgiven for thinking that shoes are perhaps not the wisest of investments. However, the truth is that one will, in most probability, be wearing these for the majority of the week. A good pair of brogue (wingtips), derby or oxford shoes will serve you well. These shoes will add the perfect polish to your outfit and are, quite literally, a timeless design. Our top tip with regards to smart shoes is to make friends with your local cobbler, as they will be able to help keep your shoes in perfect condition for years to come.

mens-coatLONG COAT
Again, the thinking here is that for the winter months, one often finds that even the most creative of outfits ends up covered by a coat. A woolen double-breasted pea coat or single-breasted above the knee coat, or equally, a thinner trench coat, are classic in their design and practical for almost any outfit. A darker color is preferred as it will fit comfortably with formal attire. Remember that a good fit is essential to finishing your look and will help it to look timeless.

mens-ankle-shoeLEATHER BOOTS
A good pair of brown leather (or suede) lace-up ankle boots are a wonderfully versatile and practical investment. Their functionality for winter months or outdoors work are not to be underestimated, and indeed their inherent ruggedness means that they will serve you for years. These can be worn in a number of smart and casual ways. For example one could easily wear them under suit trousers on icy days.