Super busy styling season has begun in preparation for one of my favorite times of year, fall.

Though August through June, it's always hopping around here at Closet of Style. I'm afraid to blink, or we'll be in the thick of summer 2014 already! While my days may blend together, they will be fabulously spent with my awesome clients — purging and organizing closets, putting amazing outfits together, shopping, travel and seasonal wardrobe planning, and photo shoots. All for the love of style.

Speaking of purging and organizing closets, how about this closet for a little inspiration? It's gorgeous. Everyone deserves a space that makes you want to linger. Maybe even enjoy a glass of bubbly in. There's no reason why you shouldn't love every step you take into your closet. And when you do make your way out, you should look and feel like a million bucks.


Photo from unknown source

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