caringforcashmereIf you haven't tucked away your cashmere for the season, it's time.

The more cashmere you collect over the years, the more you understand the importance of caring for it. Whether you think moths exist in your home or not, if your cashmere sweater has one spec of food or drink on it, a moth will find it. And a hole will suddenly appear.

There is an easy way to avoid that from happening — keep your cashmere clean.

At the end of the winter season (and in between when needed), I wash all of my cashmere (like colors together; otherwise separately) on the wool cycle with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. This is one detergent that I trust to safely clean and preserve my cashmere.

Once everything is washed, hung to dry and ready to store, I place everything neatly into an airtight container.

My friend sadly discovered her Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sweater hole ridden this past fall when bringing out her cashmere. I cannot tell you how sad that made me. It's easy to prevent if you follow two simple steps: wash (dry clean is fine, but I prefer washing) and store (airtight).

It's not too late — wash and store today.


Has spring moved back into your life?

The weather may tease, but we all know the reality of this transition between cold and warm — on a weekly basis. Best be prepared.

As I have been working with clients each week to purge items that no longer serve them, it's also been the perfect time to share ways to work in those spring dresses that made the cut. Layering under or over, even pairing with your shorties, is an easy way to embrace the new season.

There will be days of utter chill. They always seem to pop in during April and May, just as we've long forgotten about layers. However, make those adjustments now. You will be ready for anything!

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springteaser15What a tease!

Today was glorious. Spring temps. Slight, welcoming breeze. Style juices flowing.

This is when you ask yourself, "am I ready for the season ahead?"

What does your closet say? 

Right now, your closet is begging for organization. Beauty. Order. It's also trying to tell you something — "appeal to my inner style personality and fill in my gaps!"

During the transitional season, you have the opportunity to get a jumpstart on spring. Learn how to utilize what you have in a different capacity, in addition to clearing the clutter and wearing what tugs at your heartstrings (nothing else).

This type of preparation is therapeutic, truly. And it's time.

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Super busy styling season has begun in preparation for one of my favorite times of year, fall.

Though August through June, it's always hopping around here at Closet of Style. I'm afraid to blink, or we'll be in the thick of summer 2014 already! While my days may blend together, they will be fabulously spent with my awesome clients — purging and organizing closets, putting amazing outfits together, shopping, travel and seasonal wardrobe planning, and photo shoots. All for the love of style.

Speaking of purging and organizing closets, how about this closet for a little inspiration? It's gorgeous. Everyone deserves a space that makes you want to linger. Maybe even enjoy a glass of bubbly in. There's no reason why you shouldn't love every step you take into your closet. And when you do make your way out, you should look and feel like a million bucks.


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Last week, I worked with one of my fabulous out-of-town clients, putting outfits together from her existing wardrobe. The immediate need was date night. We set a goal of a dozen or two ensembles that would cover casual evenings, fancy dinners, client entertaining and weekends away.

The end result: over 40 fantastic looks!

We were certainly on a roll. The key to our success — an organized closet (recently purged) and lots of energy! While the image below is not her closet, the concept is the same. Open, airy and color coded ... so you can see what you have and wear every bit of it.

My client is armed and ready to step out in confidence!

Photo from The Glass Factory