While we are months away from the summer sun, it isn't too early to stock up on the right products to keep your skin safe and healthy.

After my annual trip to the dermatologist last week, having a few more pre-cancerous spots frozen off my face, I am that much more aware of the importance of protecting my skin. Granted, what is popping up now is a direct result of my poor decisions with regard to the sun in my high school and college years. However, I will not slow down in protecting my skin from future damage. In fact, I choose to amp it up! After all, there is the potential to reverse some of that damage.

You already know that I'm a ginormous fan of zinc oxide. Thank goodness there are many stellar sunblocks out there — free of chemicals  (read: don't buy those over-the-counter sprays). Natura Bissé, Beautycounter and Elta MD are great choices, to name a few. There's no excuse not to make educated decisions these days with the overload of information.

So as I pack my clients for their trips this resort season, have no doubt that sunblock will be front and center in every suitcase.


Photo from Jamie Nelson Photography

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