Some things make me giddy. Sunscreen is one of them.

While you may not have guessed, I am a huge proponent of healthy skin. Sometimes to the point of annoyance (sorry, family). That means staying out of the way of those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Well, at least protecting yourself from them.

Thank goodness there are so many superb sunscreens on the market these days. It used to be quite difficult to find one that contained the right ingredients. And now there is a convenient, on-the-go, no mess version that rocks, due to the brilliance of Susan Posnick!

My whole family has been enjoying the latest in fabulousness from my friend, Susan. A skin cancer survivor, Susan is beyond passionate about proper skin protection. She created Brush on Block, which contains 12% zinc oxide and 15% titanium dioxide (physical blockers), to make it easy for everyone to apply sunscreen everyday. Everyday!

Perfect for your athletic bag (or your child’s), golf bag and purse! Yes, I have three. With outdoor activities playing a big role in our lives, Brush on Block has brought me peace of mind, knowing I'm giving my family the best in sun care.


Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner & Scott in Asheville

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