eltamdsunscreenTime to revisit Elta MD™.

I admit, it's been a while since I've picked up an Elta MD™ product. And looking at their cast of stars, I can't believe I waited so long to come back.

You know how crazy I am about sunblock. I'm the one at the pool, beach or lake ensuring that everyone is covered in a zinc-based product. So, you can imagine just how excited I am to see such an expansive line of sun care. EltaMD™ offers a complete spectrum of products, for every skin type and unique need, all containing anywhere from 7.5-10% zinc oxide. Can I get a woohoo!

Here's something to get even more excited about — Elta MD™'s newest product, UV Aero Broad-Spectrum SPF 45, is a continuous spray sunscreen with 9.3% zinc oxide. The first zinc-based continuous spray sunscreen!! With this at your disposal, I don't want to see any more pretend spray sunscreens in your hands. Ever.

Important facts about the sun: (from EltaMD™'s website)
  • The sun causes 90% of all skin cancers.
  • Overcast days are not much safer than those that are sunny, as 70-80% of the sun's ultraviolet rays can get through the clouds.
  • The sun is about 80% stronger when reflected off sand and snow.
  • The sun's rays increase in intensity about 4% for every 1,000-foot rise in altitude.
  • It's better to play or engage in sports before 10am and after 4pm. If that's not possible, try to avoid being out at high noon.
  • The sun weakens the immune system, reducing your defense against infection.
  • In general, kids can get all the Vitamin D they need for strong bones from fortified milk, salmon, vitamin supplements and/or brief, casual sun exposure.

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