Over the past month, I have been testing a new technology for skin care. I am most excited by what photo light therapy has to offer. Not only is it recommended by dermatologists for acne, but also to treat aging skin.

Photo light therapy is an emerging technology that has continued to captivate scientists, doctors and acne sufferers. While you may have heard it referred to as IPL, LED treatment, blue light treatment or photodynamic treatment, each of these disciplines focuses on harnessing the healing power of light.

ansr-beamThe ANSR: photo light therapy treatment comes with three products to fight acne, in addition to the beam. The blue light treatment helps to fight acne causing bacteria, while the red light treatment helps reduce redness and improve skin tone. For my skin, I have been testing the beam only, utilizing the red light treatment twice a day for 10 minutes each. It is a breeze to use - simply slide across a clean face. It is compact and travels easily, charging by means of a cell phone-like charger.

I am amazed to see a difference in just one month. My skin is firmer and acts and looks younger. How? The red photo light wavelengths are longer, giving it the ability to penetrate the skin more deeply. This treatment stimulates the collagens to create new, healthier cells more rapidly. As healthier cells crowd out inflamed and infected cells, the skin becomes noticeably clearer and brighter. And for me, more supple and firm.

Learn more in this video.

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