I have been curious about laser hair removal forever, haven't we all! Especially now that I am so focused on Spring. Really, it's the perfect time to consider it. So, I got the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System and gave it a whirl for the first time today. I have to tell you, it was so much easier to use than I imagined. And the safety on this thing ... triayou have to pass the skin sensor test in order to unlock the laser. Talk about really smart technology.

There are three settings. The first one you feel nothing at all. The second one you feel a tiny heat pulse. The third ... I don't know, as I haven't tried that one yet. The latest version (which I have - it's just being released) is super fast! Seriously, the TRIA is incredibly easy to use. The recommended usage is 6-8 sessions, 3-4 weeks apart. I am so eager to see the results over this time period. For those of you who want to take this at-home laser hair removal challenge with me, get yourself a TRIA and report in!

In-office laser hair removal can cost hundreds of dollars per session, with up to 8 or more sessions required. That's where the value of the TRIA comes in. I believe the cost was just reduced from $995 to $795 (make sure to inquire). And results are guaranteed! The scientists behind the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System came together almost 16 years ago to develop this technology. Lucky for us, it's available and provides an alternative to in-office treatments.

Stay tuned next month for session 2!

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