wonderbarandcorA new way to look at skin care, these facial bars are making quite a splash. While they are certainly shaped like soap, these super bars are anything but your typical bar of soap.

The Wonderbar is a mixture of the Deep Moor from Austria and Chlorey’nahre, a nanotechnology algae and proprietary ingredient. When combined, these ingredients work their magic and do wonders on skin.

The Wonderbar flushes out toxins that have been trapped under the skin. By detoxifying the skin, it is brought back into perfect pH balance.

I am currently testing the Wonderbar and am happy with what I am experiencing so far — clear, firm and even-toned skin. It is definitely a new routine, though, as you lather your face and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. I am still in the "healing crisis" (detox) phase after a couple of weeks. During this process, you may experience excessive dryness, breakouts, itchiness, mild peeling, redness, etc. In my case, my skin has felt a little tight and tender, but really just my chin has been effected with dryness. Look for the full review next month.

Another super bar on the market is from Cor skin care — based on the ingredient silver, one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents. Silver also has healing properties and has been used by doctors and in hospitals to speed cell repair.

Cor utilizes CSC, a compound comprised of Collagen, Sericin and Chitosan, developed using the latest beauty technology from Japan. Marine Collagen provides a more youthful appearance to your face. Sericin is a natural, soluble protein made from silk that imparts a unique and highly aesthetic skin feel. Chitosan is a natural fibre that acts to even out skin tone.

The concept is the same, lather and let it settle for a few minutes. I hope to review this product, as well, to compare its effectiveness to the Wonderbar.

Both bars claim to deliver results to help you realize your best skin ever, while minimizing the need to use a lot of other skin care products. However, at a hefty price. In the end, how your skin performs will be the indicator of a successful concept and product.
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Written by: Millissa Mathai, Editor in Chief of Haute Mimi International

I recently came across Velixa, the coveted high-end anti-aging skin care line sought after by the super elite and fashion models. The line currently offers Age Defense for Day, a light whipped day lotion, and Youth Replenish for Night, a decadent moisturizing night cream for overnight renewal. Both products are made from the most luxurious and scientifically proven ingredients that work effectively to tighten and illuminate your skin right after application. With daily use, the whipped day lotion and night cream are proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging.

This instantaneous effect of illuminated, firm skin, coupled with the proven, long lasting anti-aging results (that start to appear within seven days of using Velixa), have made it a must have for models in New York, Paris and Milan. Makeup artists are known to apply Velixa before photo shoots and runway shows to make skin taut and radiant, resulting in flawless pictures.

It used to be that the Velixa line was only available in exclusive salons and spas. However, they are now available to women around the globe via Velixa.com. Like their motto says, “Live now. Age later.”

I use both Velixa day lotion and night cream daily. The day lotion makes a great base for makeup while protecting and rejuvenating my skin during the daytime. I have incorporated the decadent night cream into my nighttime beauty regimen and I wake up with refreshed, glowing and firm skin. Both products are truly irreplaceable. And now, they can be yours! Enter to win these two fabulous celeb products by submitting a comment below. It's that simple. Contest ends December 4. Good luck!!

vitamin-cYou are what you eat. If you consume a lot of Vitamin C, the benefits are two fold — great nutritional health and beautifully smooth skin. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that people who eat plenty of Vitamin C-rich foods have fewer lines and wrinkles than those who don’t. Vitamin C produces collagen.

And collagen is responsible for skin’s strength and elasticity. Its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. What types of foods should you be eating? Here are a few fruits and vegetables that top the list:


  • orange
  • kiwi
  • papaya
  • blackcurrant
  • guava
  • strawberry


  • brussels sprouts
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • spring greens
  • red pepper

There are many great topical antioxidant products on the market that offer Vitamin C. It is crucial that you integrate one that contains Vitamin C into your skin care routine to combat free radicals.

As defined by SportsMed Web, free radicals are atoms (or groups of atoms) with an odd number of electrons that can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed, these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction, like dominoes. Their chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs. To prevent free radical damage, the body has a defense system of antioxidants.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which is very important to your skin’s health. Whether you eat or topically apply your Vitamin C (I recommend both), you are contributing to better nutritional health as well as younger, more vibrant skin.

Meet the first at-home medical strength (30%) glycolic peel … and its creator, Mac Smith. The Brazilian Peel made my Breakthrough Series for skin care because it is truly a remarkable product! Learn more in this video.