NBESEyeandLipNatura Bissé. A total rockstar.

I am asked about this particular line of skin care almost daily. I cannot say enough about the different formulas and treatments that make an enormous impact on skin.

My newest addition is from the Essential Shock collection. The Eye and Lip Treatment is an anti-aging formula that regenerates, firms and hydrates the skin around eyes and lips. It helps diminish fine lines and restores elasticity and smoothness while protecting the skin throughout the day. It contains SPF 15, so should be used both daily and nightly. Use it with the Clarisonic Opal for even better results!

Timing couldn't be more perfect, as we head into the cooler months of the year.

Pucker up with healthy, luscious lips!

Available at Jeffre Scott

MACROexfoliatorDuring a hectic day of meetings and errand running, I ran into several friends along the way. Ironically, the topic that popped into every conversation was skin.

As winter begins to let up a bit, daydreaming about spring becomes more of a reality. Which means focusing on skin. Actually, every day of the year should be focused on skin.

That's why I had to get my hands on Rodan + Fields' latest anti-aging tool. The new MACRO exfoliator is an advanced techno wonder that rids of dead skin cells, leaving behind smoother, healthier-looking skin. I used mine for the first time tonight, and I have to tell you I was ever so eager to give it a whirl. While it took me a few minutes to figure out that you sweep the vacuum across your face, versus a picking up/putting down motion, I immediately noticed firmer and softer skin upon completion. You can actually see the dead skin and debris left behind in the filter. Used once a week, I hope to see continued results over the next few months.

Time to get your good skin on!


Time to check back in with NeriumAd.

neriumadbottleThis is the product that changed the age of my hands. In just 45 days, my hands looked at least 10 years younger. Three and a half months in, and I'm flaunting these babies. I absolutely love the skin on my hands now. I often catch myself staring at my hands.

As I mentioned in my last NeriumAD post, I decided to test the product on a few more body parts. For the last 45 days, I've applied the product to my stomach and chest/décolletage once a day. While not much has changed with regard to the skin around my belly button, my chest/décolletage are reaping huge benefits. The sun spots on my décolletage have lightened to an almost unnoticeable amount. It's crazy, I tell you! In addition, I applied NeriumAD to the middle of my chest (the space between my breasts, including part of my breasts). Here's where I had to pick my jaw off of the floor. I kid you not, the skin in this area has lifted! Seriously. The skin looks younger, firmer and I feel a bit more confident with these once-nursed-upon-boobs. NeriumAD is remarkable. Age reversal like I've never experienced. 

You want to get your hands on this stuff, don't you? For $80 a bottle, consider it your little anti-aging secret. How long one bottle lasts depends on how you use it. For me, I get about 2 months out of it. I'm on autoship to get the best price and I schedule the shipments every 60 days. You can always move your shipment date up if you feel you need it sooner.

Stay tuned for more amazing results!

nbsheercreamThis line of skin care is impeccable. I have been a fan from the start.

Natura Bissé is known for its innovative ingredient combinations. The company is also known for providing multiple lines of stellar products to give you the opportunity to shift from season to season with ease.

One of my very favorites from Natura Bissé is The Cure Sheer Cream. This is not your ordinary tinted moisturizer. The dual action, light and velvety formula offers mega hydration while providing instant radiance. The self-adapting pigments make it an exceptional product for all skin tones, neutralizing skin imperfections and providing a glowing and healthy complexion.

The best news — it contains titanium dioxide and iron dioxides to make it SPF 20! How fantastic is that? And this special complex provides a soft focus effect that produces multiple light micro-reflections, creating a luminous halo that softens the appearance of dark circles and shadows. Seriously, who doesn't crave that in skin care? Divine.

Available at Jeffre Scott.

First and foremost, I cannot believe I am actually posting a picture of my awfully old looking hands.

handpostneriumBut I have to do it. Because NeriumAD has changed my life, er, my hands.

In all honesty, my hands have always looked at least 10 years older than my age (judging from this picture though, I'd say 20!!). They are veiny, bony and thin-skinned. Nothing pretty about them. At all.

However, within 45 days, I've gotten at least half of those years back. I'd say my hands look younger. And with each day, they continue to look better. So I'm thinking, in another 45 days, those 10 years will be a wash! And while we're at it, another 45 days I'll swing into the negative.

What is NeriumAD? It's a skin care line that was initially developed in research for cancer patients, involving the extraction of the Nerium oleander plant. The unique properties of Nerium oleander provide remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. Results that are easily detected.

Now I realize the lighting isn't exactly the same and the angle is slightly different in the pictures. However, the texture of my skin and pore size is evident and astonishingly improved. My scar (white line) even looks less severe. I am super happy with the results. And seriously, if I am willing to post a picture of my hands, that is really saying something.

Take the hand challenge with NeriumAD. You won't believe the results (don't forget to take baseline photos). Or, better yet, put it to the test somewhere else, like your face. Unfortunately, I cannot use it on my face as the skin on my face does not agree with botanical-based products. This saddens me tremendously after seeing the before/after pictures on the Nerium site.

I'm now on a mission to improve the skin on my décolleté and stomach. And no, I'm not posting pictures. However, I will check back in to spout off the results. Stay tuned!