facialpolisherLife changing.

This new product by Omorovicza is absolutely amazing. A must have in your skin care regimen.

Infused with marine micro-algae, the Refining Facial Polisher by Omorovicza detoxifies, improves texture, boosts radiance and smooths the epidermis, helping to regenerate the skin. And the scent is delightful! This polisher starts off green, then turns to gray as you buff in a circular motion. You leave it on for 2 minutes, rinse and voilà, immaculate skin is revealed — the softest skin you will ever feel.

Juicy, glowing skin for days. Can't live without it.

NBSPF50PAThere are some things I cannot live without during the summer. Aside from my Coconut LaCroix, I never leave home without Natura Bissé's Diamond White SPF 50 +++.

I care less about the 50 +++ and more about the fact that this incredible product contains two physical blockers to protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. And let me tell you, nothing gets through this stuff. It has been tested each and every weekend this summer on the fields, all day, at lacrosse tournaments. Not once have I gotten burnt.

While Diamond White SPF is a sun protector, it's oh so much more. It battles the appearance of sun spots, evens skin tone, blocks free radicals via antioxidants and delivers luminous skin for a flawless look. This oil-free and paraben-free treatment acts as a tinted moisturizer, leaving the most beautiful glow. 

I still love and use my Natura Bissé The Cure Sheer Oil-Free Fluid. Both products serve a purpose. And both are top shelf in my vanity!

Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner & Scott in Asheville

I went under the light yesterday. LED, that is.

I have been pampered with many facials in my lifetime. I am here to tell you, Stephanie Trigg of Natura Bissé is hands down the best esthetician. Ever. On this planet. If she visits a city near you, book well in advance. It will be the most wonderful treat you give yourself.

Stephanie flew in from Dallas, TX in the beginning of the week to spoil the clients of Jeffre Scott for three days. And boy, were we spoiled. I have never had a facial quite like this one. 'Best on earth' status. I was transported into la-la land while my skin was treated like royalty. It felt amazing. And my skin was awakened with new life and radiance. It looks amazing.

The LED (Light Emitting Diodes) help to stimulate collagen and elastin, making the skin younger and healthier. Stephanie used Natura Bissé Life Infusion during my facial under the LED to rejuvenate my skin and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. My skin is still juicy to this day!

Plump, glowing goodness. Love!


Photo from Natura BissΓ©


nbsheeroilfreeJust when you thought Natura Bissé The Cure Sheer Cream couldn't get any better, in walks her lighter, brighter and oil-free sister.

If you haven't met the original, you should. However, with spring entering the scene, it's time to lighten up and go for the new oil-free version of one of Natura Bissé's best sellers. 

Smooth, bright and luminous skin. The Cure Sheer Oil-Free Fluid* has it all, including cutting-edge natural color pigments that adapt to different skin tones while neutralizing and diminishing the look of imperfections. This exclusive fluid provides balanced hydration (Hyaluronic Acid) and contains sun protection (SPF 20 in the form of titanium dioxide, thank you). And the formula is ideal for all skin types, providing a matte, yet dewy, appearance.

Say hello to my new favorite tinted moisturizer!

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte and Turner & Scott in Asheville


perfectinglipbalmI am always in search of a great lip treatment. Who doesn't want soft, hydrated lips?

Thanks to my sister, Kelly, I was recently introduced to Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm. It's beautifully nourishing, leaving lips smoother and more supple. Containing beeswax, shea butter and eucalyptus and hyaluronic spheres, the texture and scent make it feel like a little escape. And a little goes a long way.

Give your lips some love.