I realize I have been a little obsessed with shoes lately. But how can you blame me? They are my favorite accessory. I go in spurts ... for example, I may buy 5 pairs in a row but then nothing for a year. Not so bad, right? Currently, I am shoe nesting. I feel this random need to stock up on shoes - for what, I am not sure. But nonetheless, I am nesting. Perhaps it's more that I want to give these beautiful shoes a home (and they would love my closet). Or maybe it's because the press has been honing in on the 10% increase on designer shoes starting this month and I have to get a leg up.

I am all about quality, however, I have spent way more than I want to admit on my friends Giuseppe, kate and Marc lately. After speaking with one of my workout buds, Thea, I am inspired to be more frugal in my shoe purchases. So Thea, you would be proud to know that all the shoes featured below are less than $70. And the clutches - less than $46. So being in the "find a deal" mode, I just had to share.


Check out the shoes (and blue clutch) here and the yellow clutch here. Speaking of deals, if you are interested in up and coming brands at reduced prices (generally between 30% and 75% off retail), use me as your referral to get in. Visit this site, a private club that organizes online, confidential sample sales for its members, and put This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the referrer email box. I am happy to share $10 with you, too! Enjoy!

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