I would be remiss if I didn't share my most recent mishaps with you. I mean really, why shouldn't everyone else learn from my mistakes? If you take away one thing from this, it should be skin care awareness.

Lesson #1 - Just because a Derm Doc is tenured and credentialed, doesn't mean he is properly educated in his field.

And yes, I reference "he" for a reason. I realize I may be a little overzealous but ... I truly look forward to visiting the dermatologist. I do. It's a chance for me to learn more about my skin and how I can best take care of it. It's also a chance to learn of the latest technology in treatments and skin care products. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed by my last visit. Let me preface this by saying I recently moved to a new city and had to seek out a new derm doc. I thought I was doing all of the right things - asking around, researching online, etc. Apparently, that wasn't good enough. I found a nearby dermatologist who has 20+ years of experience in this particular practice. He's quite credentialed, as well. Honestly, he looked perfect on paper. He was far from perfect. On top of being a total dweeb (sorry, I really could not resist), he couldn't answer any of my questions - gave me that deer in the headlights look with responses such as "well, I am not sure what might have caused that...what do you think it could be?" Dude, if I knew do you think I would be asking you? Seriously, I had to answer my own questions. I walked away thinking "I know more than this man." Of course at the check out I asked, "which doctor would you recommend I see next time?" Response: "I can't tell you that." So I continue, "could you please tell me which doctor is most visited at this practice?" Response: "I can't tell you that." Are you feeling my frustration yet?

So I walked away with the scripts I needed and never turned back. That dermatology office won't be seeing me again. Next time, I will depend on my friend's coveted dermatologist. Lesson learned.

Lesson #2 - Don't use expired products. Ever. Seriously. I mean it.
You would think of all people I would realize the importance of an expiration date. I know to throw away mascara after 2-3 months. I know eyeliners aren't safe to use after 6 months. Why did I not realize that a liquid highlighter (my YSL Touche eclat) is no good after a year. Well, it might have been more like two ... for shame, for shame. So, because I hadn't used it, in like forever, I thought it would be a nice time to whip it out and highlight my inner eyes. Mistake. Big mistake. Almost immediately my eyes began to itch. And did I see or feel the signs enough to wash it off my face immediately? Of course not. So I proceeded to wear it all day, not having a clue what could be causing the skin around my eyes to itch. Later that night: the skin underneath my eyes began to swell and turn bright red. Next morning: red bumps, to boot. I looked like I had been double whammied in the eyes! Oh, and just in time for my company's quarterly regional meeting - thank you very much. (And sorry co-workers for not telling the whole truth - I was a wee bit ashamed.)

Of course I threw out the product and vowed to myself to actually practice what I preach. Bacteria can seep into products - and any product used around your eyes is more susceptible. Lesson learned.

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