Traveling across the state, country or world can wreak havoc on skin. I've certainly learned my lessons over the years. However, I know better than to change my routine now. I may add to it, but substitutions do not serve me well. Therefore, I never leave home without my favorite skin-loving products.

globetrotterYou may have learned the hard way, yourself, a time or two. So keep these tips* in mind the next time you jet off to a far away destination.

Time Tricker
When you cross time zones, your body gets all out of whack. Literally. A group of cells in your brain releases the hormone melatonin as the body is exposed to what it believes is nightfall, bringing you into resting mode. Try to stay up to sync with the new local time. Then, take melatonin as a supplement 30 minutes prior to bedtime at your destination (recommended recently in health journal The Cochrane Collaboration). You can take magnesium B6 for a natural alternative.

Cleaner Air
Breathe in a few drops of a powerful aromatherapy oil (on tissue) during your flight. The anti-bacterial properties will help keep your airways clear and fight any potential on-board bugs. You can also boost your immune system by taking Vitamin C and drinking white or green tea. And drink a ton of water to keep hydrated.

In-Flight Facial Cleanse
Within the first hour of your flight, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a nourishing leave-on face mask (Alchimie Forever Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask). You can also use a facial spritz (Natura Bissé Diamond Mist) to add even more moisture.

Facial Massage
Lightly massage your face with your fingertips 30 minutes before touchdown to relax muscles and connective tissue, and soften expression-induced lines around your eyes, lips and brows. This also helps expel acne causing toxins and de-puff and brighten the eye area, in addition to increasing circulation. Eye drops and concealer will help you look fresh and alert.

Night-time Relief
After you've landed, adventured and lit up the town, your skin will demand some deep cleaning before bedtime. Follow with an anti-aging serum packed with active ingredients to even skin tone and provide luminous skin (Natura Bissé Diamond White). Finish with a heavy duty moisturizing cream.

There is no reason why you can't have phenomenal skin, no matter how much you travel. Bon voyage!

*Source: Net-a-Porter, slightly altered by CoS
Photo from Harper's BAZAAR 2010

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