Wow, a packed month of fabulous products, spanning fashion, beauty and skin care, reviewed by the team. Sit back and enjoy!

MIRABELLA: Skin Tint Creme Foundation, Shade Level II
Mirabella's mineral foundation is unlike most foundations on the market. The water-based gel formula literally glides onto your skin. It goes on thick, which I was worried about. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the creme dried quickly to give my skin a silky soft glow. The color was a close match to my own skin tone. The coverage was is a bit heavier than I'm used to, yet it was hydrating and gave my skin a luminescence that helped hide wrinkles and flaws. What's not to love about that! The product has an extensive ingredient list. Most importantly, it contains titanium dioxide, providing SPF 20 protection, which along with the sunscreen we should all be wearing everyday, will help prevent those damaging rays from coming through. Reviewing the other ingredients, what it doesn't contain is even more important: no talc, oils, parabens, FD&C or D&C dyes. Mirabella has done a nice job with their packaging. The skin tint creme come in a glass pump bottle, and you can easily control the amount of creme dispensed. Product Junkie gives this a B!

Hermes: Kelly Caleche Eau De Parfum
The unexpected caress of leather among flowers is the Hermes Kelly Caleche Parfume. A blend of mimosa, iris, tuberose, and climbing rose. With a very slight hint of leather, I found the floral combination to be over-powering on me. It's nice for spring/summer weather ... and dare I say, a scent that might be more coveted by the younger set. MamaQueen gives this a B.

Miss Me: Irene Boot Cut Jean
When I stumbled upon these jeans a little over a month ago, I couldn't believe the resemblance to my favorite True Religion jeans. At half the price, I had to have them. Another surprise, was that I ended up with a lighter wash jean in a distressed finish. And guess what, I am loving them. Definitely worth checking these jeans out! Aficionado gives this a B+!

Ava Anderson: Daily Skin Care System
This skin care system includes eye make-up remover pads, toner, cleanser and moisturizer. The products all feel gentle, light and completely unpretentious. I love the idea of a non-toxic line, and I think it's incredible that a child created them for our use! No parabens¸ no PEGs, no phthalates, no SLS, no 1,4 dioxane and no fragrance. No wonder I love it! Green Goddess gives the kit an A!

mirabellaspringologyMIRABELLA: Spring-ology Sheer Pastel Eye Colour Trio*, Apricot Awakening
One word; gorgeous! Mirabella's spring eye color collection came at just the right time to help drive away the winter blues. The powder trio in Apricot Awakening has gorgeous (there's that word again) apricot brown colors that go from pale orange tan to deep brown wow. I used one at a time, then two, then all three. Every combination looked great. The powder goes on matte, and stays all day and all night. No fading, flaking or creasing. The lightest apricot shade is less matte than the others and has just a touch of shine to it. I used it to highlight my brow and provide lift to my inner eye. The middle shade is a light cognac color, rich and classy ... my 'go to' color for everyday wear. My eyes are brown, and this color accents them but doesn't compete — loved it! The third colour, deep cocoa brown, really powers up the eye for an evening look. Ooh la la. Can you tell I am a fan? The packaging is nicely done in matte black, and I love the mirror in the compact for checking to make sure all is still in place. Although the powder stayed so well, I really only used the mirror to pump up my look when transitioning from day to evening. Other than that, touch ups were not necessary. Gorgeous work Mirabella! Product Junkie gives this an A!

*MIRABELLA: Spring-ology Sheer Pastel Eye Colour Trio, Aqua Inspired
Ditto on the gorgeous eye shadows and stay-put-ability! Truly magnificent colors! The eye shadows look on the green side in the compact, but definitely go on more blue. I wear all three shades together and can't tell you how many compliments it elicits. Stunning, simply stunning! Aficionado gives this an A, as well!

Swap handbags: Bulga Mila clutch
When you have a special occasion to attend, but you don't have the right clutch, think Swap. This certainly comes in handy with the ability to rent by the week or month (or buy it out right). This Bulga clutch is stunning. The color, shape and finish make this bag an eye catcher! Love! Aficionado gives this an A!

Rimmel: Glam'Eyes Mascara in Black Brown

This mascara claims to provide up to 10x more volume and at a great price point, to boot. Extra volume and high definition can be found in its Volumflex brush using the short sides for volume and the long sides for perfect separation. It works. Not to be a snob, but for a drugstore mascara, it lives up to its claims. And check out the interesting fish-net pattern cap! MamaQueen gives this an A.

Alchimie Forever: Kantic Mask
Another wonderful product from Alchimie Forever! I love this mask. Chock full of antioxidants (grape extract, blueberries) and natural botanicals, this creamy moisturizing mask softens, brightens and soothes skin. Perfect for rosacea sufferers. I use it a couple of times a week and my skin seriously thanks me. Your welcome skin! Aficionado gives this an A!

Anastasia: Brow Kit
I have brow issues and I know it. So, I was thrilled to try the Anastasia Brow Kit. It comes with five stencils and you pick the one most suited for your distinct facial features. The directions say to use the tweezers, remove hair outside the stenciled area. Then, using the duo-angled brush, fill in the arch with the brow powder duo. And presto! Your brows are beautiful. Not so fast. The stencils are great and help you figure out where your arch is and they work great if you have big bushy brows (i.e., lots to work with), but if you don't fit perfectly in the stencil, then what? No work around. I was a bit confused. The tweezers are definitely nice quality and do the job well. A little too well. I think I over-tweezed, to be honest! The brow powder duo comes in two tones and blends in well. But in reality, I think I'll leave my brows to the professionals. MamaQueen gives this a B-.

Anastasia: Matte Highlighter
This cream-to-powder pencil creates a soft matte highlight under the eyebrows very easily. It can be used as a shadow or as a shadow base. It can also be applied over the lips as a base to extend the wear of lip color and prevent bleeding or feathering. It works great for all those areas and more! Goes on great, stays on well. MamaQueen gives this an A.

Aquafresh: Iso-Active toothpaste
I love my Extreme Clean toothpaste, so I had to try this new product from Aquafresh. Definitely foams up ... like the Scrubbing Bubbles. It claims to clean and whiten teeth better than other toothpastes, especially in between teeth. Unfortunately, the Iso-Active formula has a chemical-like taste. But it sure makes brushing fun! Aficionado gives this a B+.

Rimmel: Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil
This pencil is duo-toned and delivers a soft line that is easy to blend. It claims to be smudge resistant, but I didn't find that to be the case. It is very easy to apply and creates a smoky eye look. I found it easy to blend, but sometimes it 'blended away' and I would have to start over ... it's that soft. But I liked it overall. MamaQueen gives this a B.
Theory: Darrene Kenly button front shirt, white
I am not one to buy button down tops often. However, this one deserves attention. The cut is fabulous. Even better is the ability to change the fit with the side buttons. Super cute buttoned up or left undone. I love this worn plain and simple with jeans. Aficionado gives this a B+.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

Go team go! February was a fun month of reviewing fantastic products that you absolutely must know about. Get your glass of tea or wine ready and enjoy!

tarte: Provocateur Pressed Mineral Powder in Tan
This powder goes on super light and doesn't cake like some powders can. I use a powder foundation daily and definitely go for one that doesn't make my skin look overly matte, that provides light coverage while still letting my natural freckles come through. I know, it's a lot to ask for. However, tarte delivered! This powder has Vitamins A and E which help protect against free radicals and assist with moisture retention. I also like what this product does not have — no mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and paraben. And an SPF 8 to boot. The tan was a tad too dark for my skin tone, but I got so many compliments when I wore it, perhaps it made me look sun-kissed! It didn't dry my skin out which is a big plus. On a side note, the packaging rocks. Who doesn't want to flash a royal purple quilted compact? Product Junkie gives this a B!

swaphandbagslvSwapHandbags: Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano
Renting authentic designer handbags ... yes! You've heard of the concept. There is always an occasion! For me, I wanted a change with a medium-sized bag that would travel easily for an out-of-town styling session. And I got just that ... in style with a LV, to boot! My package arrived super fast with easy-to-follow return instructions. The LV handbag was in mint condition! A little slice of heaven carrying it around, I tell you. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience ... the ability to 'borrow' someone else's bag, knowing I had the option to purchase it if I wanted to. Since then, I've rented an evening clutch — tune in next month for my review! Oh, and you'll appreciate the sizing clue ... with a diet coke can! Aficionado gives this an A!

Bali: Comfort Shape V-Neck Cami
I am obsessed with my post-pregnancy muffin top. I mean, where did THAT come from and how do I get rid of it? Three times a week to the gym and this little gem of a cami and poof! Muffin top minimized. This cami slims the torso and smooths the back. It delivers firm control and is long enough to easily tuck into pants (faux tummy tuck). And it’s comfortable. I don’t feel squeezed into it at all. I hardly feel like it’s on, but it works. It’s great for that rayon T-shirt that is so unforgiving! MamaQueen gives this an A.

Aveda: Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner, Glossing Straightner
I am always in search of smoothing hair care, so I was happy to stumble into Aveda's Smooth Infusion line. I am most impressed with the shampoo's ability to lather, cleanse, yet hydrate hair, thanks to a babassu-derived system. The conditioner also hydrates well without having to use a ton of product. The Glossing Straightner is nice, as well. You use it when your hair is almost dry. It leaves your hair silky, with absolutely no greasy residue. Good job, Aveda! Aficionado gives these a B.

Illamasqua: Pure Pigment in Furore
The best way I can describe this product is that it adds pop to whatever you use it on. Designed to highlight the cheeks, brows or eyes, this peachy gold shimmer powder packs a real punch. I used it alone as an eye shadow, which made my lids glimmer with a sparkly shine. I blended it with my normal blush to add a flush to my cheeks. In addition, I used it as a brow highlighter. The color worked particularly well with my skin tone and is pretty all on its own in the package. A little definitely goes a long way. Application was a little tricky with this one ... it doesn't come with an applicator, so I used my own brush and dipped it into the pigment. The powder was pretty flaky going on and more than once I ended up with highlighter all over my face. I resolved most of this by gently dabbing off the excess, but even then, there still was some flaking with the product. A little work and ingenuity improves upon this issue, but doesn't quite eliminate it. The pigment is high shine and as I said packs some punch, so in my opinion works better for an evening look. Product Junkie gives this a B.

Illamasqua: Lipstick in Tramp, Powder Blusher in Thrust
There is nothing like a wonderful lipstick to finish off your look in the morning. The Illamasqua lipstick does just that. I love the way the lipstick feels going on. The texture is smooth and wet while giving me just the right amount of shine. The color is a very fitting matte red tone which lived up to its name without making you look like a ‘tramp.’ I found the color to be very flattering against my dark tone skin. I love the sleek black square lacquer tube, too. Worth the price! The Illamasqua powder blusher provides a nice subtle look to your cheeks. The powder stays with me throughout the day and only requires one retouch. I love the color so much, that I use it to double for a shadow to highlight my eyes. The color looks and feels smooth with just the right amount of drama needed to highlight my cheek bones. While the color appears to be very pink in tone in the package, it looks good on my darker toned skin. Shopaholic gives these a B+.

wendygleznightgownWendy Glez: Whisper White Long Nightgown, Resort 2010
I have always wanted a long nightgown. So when I saw this ivory cotton nightie, I had to have it. It melts into your skin. Seriously delicious! And it keeps me way warmer than my PJs. I love it so much, I find myself lingering in it far too long. Aficionado says A, for sure!

ELLIS FAAS*: Eyeliner in Chocolate brown
This is one fabulous eyeliner. It goes on as a liquid and turns into a powder that lasts lasts lasts all day and all night! The color is a rich brown with just a hint of golden shine. Once I found the right application method (I'll go into that in a moment), this product was easy to work with and control and I was able to line my lid with precision. When I received the product to test, I was intrigued by the packaging. Think sleek yet skinnied down silver rocket. The concept is to pump the bottom of the applicator until the liquid appears on the applicator brush at the top. However, I could not get the liquid to emerge. When I continued pumping, the entire applicator basically exploded sending liner oozing down the sides of the "rocket". Not the best first experience. Perhaps my package was defective, but the experience definitely colors my review. Making the best of the situation, I used a thin applicator brush I had on hand and tested the liner. It goes on smooth, stays on through everything, no flaking and no smearing. You have to let it dry a bit before it turns into a powder, but it's only a few seconds and the results are well worth the wait. Although I was disappointed with the packaging, I would definitely give this another go as the product is fabulous. Product Junkie gives this a C.

*ELLIS FAAS: Eyeliner in Black
I concur with Product Junkie 100%. The product itself is outstanding, superb, phenomenal! However, the delivery system has some serious issues. I, too, would pump and pump and pump to no avail. Then 4 minutes later, liquid would ooze out all over the super sleek bullet casing. Such a shame to waste all of the awesome product ... it made me sad. Sometimes being too fancy can backfire. The eyeliner glides on like velvet, dries quickly, and stays put ... like, forever. Yet, washes off with ease. Please, oh please, Ellis Faas, simplify the delivery system and it will be a match made in heaven. Aficionado gives this a C.

L’eggs: Profiles Waist Smoother Capri in Nude

After a certain age, well, we all need a little help with smoothing out the curves. If you’re looking to slim your shape (including the muffin top bulge) this is the ticket. It smooths and shapes from above the waist to mid calf, right where most of us need it the most. It’s comfortable through the waist and has adjustable leg bands. My only complaint is that it doesn’t run true to size. I'm typically a Medium, but the Large fits me great. My recommendation is to go up one size ladies. MamaQueen gives this an A-.

Benefit: Eye Bright
Can you say addicted? One simple little product slightly different that the rest that soon became an everyday must have in my cosmetics bag ... who knew? This pencil is soft pale pink in color and is applied to the inner lower lash line and up into the corner for an immediate 'wide-eyed and awake' effect (even when you're not). I've used white pencils before and was never happy. Benefit is ten steps ahead. Lucky us! The color is perfect and it lasts a while, too. Aficionado gives it an A!

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.
Written by: Millissa Mathai, Editor in Chief of Haute Mimi International

Foravi is the new high-fashion boutique founded by socialite, Devora Avikzer Goltry, that is taking the retail industry by storm. The boutique offers a full range of highly edited ready-to-wear collections and accessories from some of the hottest designers like Vivienne Westwood and Anisa. I was blown away by the vintage Versace jewelry and wide selection of gorgeous cocktail dresses. Foravi is one boutique where glamour resides and resonates. Located on 80th and Madison, Foravi is the boutique of choice for upper-east side fashionistas who craves sophistication with a splash of decadence.

1067 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10028

The team of testers from Closet of Style, via [my] style files, took the newest craze in lip gloss for a whirl ... Huge Lips Skinny Hips. Cool Makeup — Purple Lab NYC! See why we love the lip gloss in this video.

*The team of testers were not paid to review this product. However, product was supplied as a sample for review purposes.
Thanks to the Team of Testers for sharing their reviews so that you can buy with confidence! Enjoy!

tapestrybraceletTwisted Silver: Tapestry Bracelet
Anything that is unique, pretty and easy to wear makes me happy! This beautiful vintage flexible bracelet brought on some serious compliments. And that doesn't even count the ones on the inside of me wanting to come out. It's adjustable, so you get a really good fit. And it's easy to layer other bracelets with. Personally, I love wearing my alone. It's such an attention grabber! Green Goddess gives this an A.

Boscia: Skin Perfecting Primer, Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
I don’t wear foundation anymore, but sometimes I want to even out my skin tone. I have been a fan of tinted moisturizers since they arrived on the scene so I was thrilled to review Boscia's products. The primer is a preservative-free, oil-free gel that reduces the look of pores while creating a silky, matte finish. Genius! Made with peppermint to refresh and reduce pores, it’s the ticket to making my skin look smooth. I followed up with the tinted moisturizer. It’s 100% natural and fragrance free. Though it does have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (1.56%), I still use a sunscreen underneath it. It truly does go on sheer and feels silky on my skin. It gives me a healthy, even-all-over light color tone to my skin and moisturizes all day long. Mamaqueen gives both products an A.

Beautisol: All Seasons Glow gradual self tanner
Having fallen in love with the Summer Glow System by Beautisol, I was eager to try out the new gradual self tanner. To my very pleasant surprise, it's not so gradual. How fantastic is it that you get all the benefits of a gradual tanner — quick application (sans gloves) with no need to be perfect — yet you see immediate results! Again, thinking I would wash this delicious color from my skin with a shower, I was happy to see that my color remained ... and I loved what I achieved in one day's use. The second day, even more fabulous. In fact, it lasts a week so I never feel the need to apply daily. Now, there is a bit of a processing smell and the product color is on the green side (which actually is a good thing so you can see where you apply it). Other than that, it's perfect! Aficionado gives this an A.

LiftKits: Lo-Top, Universal inserts
The lift kits would be the perfect solution for a guy who is height challenged. The unassuming lifts give the illusion of height hidden in the bottom of your shoes. The only problem with the inserts is that you must have the right type of shoe for the inserts to work. The product professes to be designed for all standard footwear. However, I tried wearing them in my favor Kenneth Cole shoes which did not work at all. The insert took up more than half of the space on the inside of my shoe which made it impossible for me to put the shoe on. I even tried the inserts in a shoe boot which was a larger type shoe and still found it difficult. It was as if the lifts were made for a specific type of shoe, which would really defeat the purpose of using the lifts if I had to also purchase special shoes. While the concept was great, the lift falls a bit short! Soul Man gives these a C-.

Alchimie Forever: Purifying Facial Cleanser
Foaming cleansers are my thing, and this product does not disappoint. Papaya, grapefruit and cucumber ensure the skin's natural pH balance is preserved, while leaving skin super clean without stripping it of moisture. It leaves skin soft and healthy. The packaging is sheer genius! I can't believe other companies haven't caught on yet. The non-breakable material is an all-in-one container so you never have to worry about messing with pieces and parts. You simply twist to open and close. It travels brilliantly because of this. Loving Alchimie Forever and you will, too. Aficionado gives this an A!

Mario Russo: Miracle Styling Crème
In the dead of winter, with fine hair, I’ve got fly-away issues. A smoothing product helps calm all those little hairs down and hopefully makes hair more manageable and protects it from drying and flat ironing. Made for over-styled hair, this product claims to make hair shiny and conditioned. It contains olive oil and vitamin E. It did smooth my hair, and I did feel like it was soft and conditioned, but it also weighed it down. My hair moved in one movement—sort of like a big clump. I tried it again, this time only on the ends (the directions just said to “work it through damp hair before styling.”) A better result, but I still felt the weigh-down. Mamaqueen gives this a B-.

Benefit: Erase Paste
There isn't much I don't love about Benefit Cosmetics. The names of their products, for one. And the simple fact that they make 'to-the-rescue' products. Erase paste definitely falls in that category. It's a fantastic concealer that is easy to use. It brightens around the eyes and certainly hides any imperfections (read: blemishes) with ease. If you have pink undertones in your skin, you may want to sample before you buy. The medium has a little pink in it, where yellow does better for me (counteract effects). Nonetheless, a great stay all day product! Aficionado gives this a B+.

Bali: Passion for Comfort Underwire Bra, Passion for Comfort Hipster
When Bali's says that you are wearing a great bra and you know it... I agree. I absolutely love the comfort of the Bali intimates. The size was spot on and was one of the best fitting bras I own. There was no bulging and unsightly lines under my garments. The straps were very comfortable and stayed in place with no cutting into my shoulders. The bra provided full coverage and support while giving me a very nice smooth look and curvy shape under my clothing. The underwire is hardly noticeable, and it aided in the overall comfort. After washing the bra, it felt as new as the first time I wore it, which tells me this is a great product that will not loose its shape. The Bali panties performed just as well. Who does not love the feel of cotton against your skin? The panties were comfortable and stayed in place and did not ride. I love the leg seams because they were not visible through my clothing. I am happy to know that Bali continues to find ways to create undergarments that focus on comfort, beauty and style to make women feel special. The bra and panties are reasonably priced and I would recommend running out to the stores and investing in Bali products. Shopaholic gives both of these an A.

YOYO Lip Gloss: Kissable Kiwi
This retractable lip gloss can be worn on your shirt to have lip gloss at the ready. I'm all set! All kidding aside, it’s recommended for ages 6 and up, it does leave a super shiny shimmer, as well as some sparkle. It’s moisturizing and leaves a cooling sensation well after applied. If I had an older daughter, I wouldn’t mind her wearing it, as it leaves very little color on my lips. Mamaqueen gives it an B+.

jonasbootJessica Simpson: Jonas Boot, Saddle
It's hard to restrain myself from getting every item I write about. However, when I posted this snow outfit, I knew these boots had to be mine. I love them! Not ever having owned a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes, I am pleased with the construction, style and comfort of this boot for the price. The oiled suede and square toe are fabulous. While the leather straps are best shown off with dresses, skirts or leggings, I like wearing them under jeans. Aficionado gives these a B+!

Tracie Martyn: Firming Serum
This is one of those products that you read about all the time ... one with a clamoring celeb following. This serum claims to firm, hydrate and repair skin. With ingredients such as epidermal growth factors (to boost collagen and elastin production), antioxidants (to inhibit free radical formation), patented glycosaminoglycans (to reduce moisture loss), and protective phyto-chemicals (to discourage visible signs of aging), to name just a few, I was excited to integrate this into my skin care routine. I am happy to report excellent short-term results of firm skin, yet extremely hydrated skin (how is that possible). And I'm thrilled with the long-term benefits to come! Aficionado gives this an A.

The msf team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.