No bad apples in this bunch! We are happy to report another great month of reviews from the team. Sit back, relax and enjoy the January product reviews covering fashion, beauty and skin care.

Starry-Eyed Baked Shadow Trio in Evening Star
gradeB1LORAC promises a red carpet smoky eye with this shadow and they certainly succeeded. The shadow is highly pigmented and can be applied wet or dry. When I put on my grey trio I was amazed at how smooth the shadow felt and how lovely and dramatic my eyes looked. I really like the shimmer of the shadow for an evening out. The shadow stayed on my eyes, and while I had the glitz of the shimmer, none of it ended up on my face. I am also really impressed that my eyes and skin were not bothered at all. Usually I shy away from eye shadows because even hypo-allergenic brands irritate my skin. My skin felt fine with these baked shadows. The product comes in a beautiful clear case that shuts tightly for safe keeping in your makeup bag. My only issue is that it is quite large and pointy and does not contain an applicator. I carry a small bag, so bringing this with me might be tough. Overall, I love the trio and would highly recommend it. The colors are gorgeous and are easily muted for daytime wear.

gradeB2Ole Henriksen: Fresh Start Eye Cream
This is one of the most hydrating eye creams I have used. It contains avocado oil, grape seed oil, spirulina micro-algae, Vitamins A + E and wheat germ oil. Super good stuff! I use it morning and night (and even apply to my eyelids at night). While I didn't see a difference in fine lines or puffiness, it feels incredible silky on my skin.

MoabRockernecklacegradeB1Twisted Silver: Moab Rocker necklace
Everything Twisted automatically has a cool factor to it. Case in point, this necklace with a hand-forged vintage spoon. So unique, so fun and so has me dreaming of summer! This is a great piece to wear to bring the attention up toward your face. And there's no doubt, you will have attention on you with this awesome necklace.

gradeACHANEL: Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color in Lune Rousse #36
I am in love! Anything on the berry side of red is a definite must for me. I have tried a lot of lipsticks in my day (and I don't shy away from color), but this is one of my favorites! It is highly pigmented, so the color lasts forever. I was shocked that I could apply it in the morning, work with clients throughout the day, and still find it on my lips past lunch time. Crazy good. It is matte, though. So the word 'hydrating' really shouldn't appear in the name. As long as you know that and are okay with that (I love matte, anyway), then you're good to go. I actually apply a bit of lip balm after a few hours over the color and it stays even more, without having to reapply the lipstick.

gradeB2MARC by Marc Jacobs: Oversized Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses
If you are unsure about diving into the cat eye craze, these are the perfect sunglasses for you. They are oversized, so they are not as harsh of a cat eye. They are comfortable to wear and provide a good amount of coverage. There are 3-4 colors to choose from. And the price for the style is great!

gradeB1Zensation: Nourishing Silky Night Cream
This light, yet hydrating, moisturizer contains highly active ingredients, such as Ceramide and Palmitoylated Matrikine to stimulate cell communication to repair age-related skin damage. Aside from all the other phenomenal ingredients, it just feels amazing on my skin. It absorbs quickly while maintaining moisture balance. While this cream is made for night, I use it in the day under an SPF, as well. I prefer this cream during the warmer months of the year, as it's on the light side.

gradeAnpmilitaryjacketNanette Lepore: Cashmere/Wool Military Jacket
While I can't find the link for the jacket (as it sold out), this one is the exact same cut (angled shorter to longer from front to back). You can always count on two things from Nanette Lepore — quality and detail. This jacket is stunning and flattering. And it keeps me so warm with minimal layers underneath. What's not to love?

gradeB1Votre Vu: Champagne Kisses enhancing lip balm
Most volumizing lip balms that I have tried have a tingling sensation — some easier to take than others. What I love about this enhancing lip balm, is that there is no strange sensation whatsoever! It goes on smooth, feels great and does an excellent job of filling in the lines! This layered under the CHANEL Coco Rouge lipstick is the perfect combination to create major 'look at me' lips! I wish the lip balm was a bit more hydrating, but I love it all the same.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.
Oh my word, is this a first? Straight As! December was a great month for the team! Not only because we could show some love to our male product testers, but the range and quality of products are outstanding. Enjoy!

gradeAPhilips Norelco: SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor, 1250x
What a wonderful electric razor! It shaves as close as a blade. I even tried it on my three-day growth. It's very smooth and with its revolving head, it can get into any angle to shave your whiskers.

gradeAindulgenecklaceTwisted Silver: Indulge Necklace
This necklace is the bees knees. It gave me back a little bit of my groove as I tossed it on and stepped out with my 3 kids, 4 and under. I got compliments galore and even the baby could not break it. Actually, she was a big fan, too. This necklace is light weight while having the chain feeling that I love. It is not like anything I see on anyone else. I feel great when I wear it. The best part, the Indulge can be worn 2 ways and both of them rock. It can be short with a long chain or long with short chains. Either way it is so much fun. The quality is superb and the mixed metal colors make it a neutral. This necklace can be worn every day or it can totally rock an evening look. I now wear it all the time. I am a little in love with it. Indulge me.

gradeASJ Creations: Cranberry Spice Cleansing Hand Wash
Timing could not have been more perfect for trying out a new hand wash. The scent of cranberry spice is absolutely delightful! Some hand wash scents can be overpowering. Not this one. Just enough to make you feel festive! As much as I washed my hands over the holidays, I was surprised they didn't dry up like prunes. This hand wash did an excellent job of keeping my skin hydrated.

gradeAWoody's: Road Trip Travel Kit
This travel kit offers products that are needed to give a proper shave while on the road ... and it's easy to travel with. The Pre-Shave Cleanser prepares your face for the hard water of the hotel. The Foaming Shave Gel lets the razor glide across your face. And the Post Shave Balm rescues your face, leaving it with a feeling of freshness. Woody's shaving products have a clean smell that can be used for work or play. I would feel comfortable with the fragrance of the product at an interview or on a date. The travel kit provides quality at an affordable price.

gradeAtrixyargylearmwarmersTrixy Xchange: Glam Me In Long Gray Glitter Argyle Arm Warmers
Hands down, cannot live without my arm warmers. From my simple black ones, to my mega long argyle ones, I am in love. My hands and arms have been super happy so far this season, thanks to Trixy Xchange. The quality of the products is excellent. The are made with cotton, nylon and spandex (though mostly cotton). They are soft, yet they don't give way to stretching out after multiple uses (like, every day for me). I am a bit obsessed and can't wait to add to my collection!

gradeABecome: Acne Solution Pack - Exfoliating Face Wash, Oil Control Moisturiser and Spot Treatment
This is a great set for acne sufferers, as it truly works. I am on my 2nd round already! The cleanser leaves my face super clean, exfoliates and leaves no residue behind. The oil control moistuizer is very thin but totally does it's job. It has an odd smell due to the acne treatment in it, but who cares? It works! The spot treatment is by far the best ever for shrinking blemishes and reducing redness. I could see and feel a difference in my skin after just 3-5 days of using the system morning and night. I have not had a breakout since I started. This is a miracle product!! I've had adult acne for 15 years and tried everything on the market. From the most expensive to the drugstore stuff. Nothing has ever worked like Become. People have even noticed and ccommented on how great my skin looks.

gradeACreed: Windsor fragrance
Unbelievably intoxicating! My sister recently introduced me to this limited reserve of Windsor, the fragrance created in 1936 for King Edward VIII. Windsor is handmade from ingredients grown across the empire Edward ruled — a royal blend of British gin, Scottish pine, Canadian cedar, Jamaican lime and more. The second my nose got a whiff of Windsor, it was all over. This scent is truly scrumptious. However, the yumminess comes at a hefty price. While this is a scent worth saving up for, it's only available for a limited time.

fauxfurshrugbcbggradeABCBG Max Azria: Cropped Faux Fur Shrug, Charcoal
I've been waiting for the perfect cropped poncho to come my way since I saw them come down the runway last February. While this is labeled a shrug, it wears more like a cropped poncho. The warm cozy texture instantly warms you up and holds it in. For me, that is key, as I am always cold. Right now, the light camel color is on sale ... snatch one up while you can!

gradeALorac: Evening Out Complexion Kit
I am a huge fan of this little compact. I do not usually wear a lot of make-up but I love my light powder base with some lip gloss and mascara, and this little kit lets me step it up a notch. The kit contains 2 concealers, as well as a powder foundation and a pad and brush for application. It is all inside a very cool looking gunmetal compact that I just think looks fabulous. I used the powder foundation alone first and was impressed by the even tone of my skin and that it matched my very white complexion. When I added the concealer my face looked fantastic and my skin imperfections were gone. I have very sensitive skin and was not bothered at all by the make-up compact. My skin felt good. I must say that the compact is large, and while it contains both the make-up and the applicator, this might be an issue if you are carrying a small clutch. Otherwise, it is fabulous.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

Another phenomenal month of uncovering some new-to-market products, in addition to giving some long-timers a whirl. The team loved November!

gradeAEve Lom: Cleanser
Plain and simple: THE BEST CLEANSER ON EARTH. There you go. End of review. Seriously, I love this cleanser so much, I bought the largest tub available. It’s so amazing, you will experience a difference in your skin after just one use. This cleanser has a slightly gritty texture, but once rubbed in your hands (5 seconds), it becomes a smooth, light creamy oil. The blend of Egyptian chamomile, hops, clove and eucalyptus oil, together with cocoa butter, means that you get a cleanser, toner and exfoliator all in one. Apply the cleanser like this: rub it together in your hands, massage it into your face and then take a steaming hot muslin cloth (included in large tub) to take it off. It will take 3-4 wipe downs to get everything, but once you do, your skin will be silky smooth and skin issue-free. Enjoy every second of this,’s like a mini facial. The cleanser improves skin circulation, and gives you balanced, glowing skin to boot!

gradeB2Harvey Prince: Ageless Anti-aging perfume
I don't necessarily understand how a fragrance can make you smell younger (other than bubble gum, strawberries and cookies, reminding me of my youthful days). Ageless Perfume has an aroma of fresh fruit with a hint of a musk. While it did not make me feel any younger, the fragrance smells wonderful. The blend of fruit and jasmine is a nice combination which created a light, yet robust scent. When you walk into a room and someone seeks you out because they are attracted to your perfume, you know that you have found a good one. Ageless has great staying power. Just a light mist in the air to walk into is the perfect way to apply it. I wear Ageless to work, play and a night out on the town. It is a perfume of all occasions.

gradeCAveeno: Positively Nourishing Refreshing 24-Hour Body Moisturizer Lotion
My favorite ever drugstore brand lotion is Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It’s a rock star product for year round use. So when this new Aveeno lotion came out, I was all over it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stack up. The Blueberry and Goji Berries formula smells okay, and it feels smooth going on, but in no way does it hold moisture for 24 hours. Not even close.

heartonsleevesrlagradeAStacy Ray: Heart on Sleeve tee in gray
This is my new favorite tee! My gray cotton long-sleeve Heart on Sleeve shirt has been worn more days in a row than you want to know. I layer over, layer under ... it’s so warm and comfy and I love the color. I also like that it’s solid everywhere but the sleeves, which are burnout stamped with a heart on one side. The length of the tee is perfect, too ... not too long, but long enough. So, here's to wearing my heart on my sleeve!

gradeALORAC: Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Star Struck
Once again, I attempt the smokey eye look with this new eye shadow that claims anyone can create a smoky eye. And actually, it lived up to its claim! The Star Struck color is a neutral base color with a plum and darker plum shade, which work well with my fair complexion and blue eyes. The shimmering baked shadows — baked on terra cotta — create a silky smooth texture that provide long-lasting, highly pigmented shades. You can use it wet or dry. I found it was easier to use dry, but for an amped up look, it was nice to be able to moisten the shadows to deepen the color. This eye shadow truly lasts with no creasing! And did I mention, it's easy to blend? That is the key to the smoky eye ... ease of blending the product. This palette lasts all day and into the night (no kidding). This eye shadow is not purse size, though. It's quite a thick case, so definitely a keeper for the bathroom vanity. I'm wearing it to all my holiday soirees!

zensationserumgradeAZENSATION: Super Tripeptide Enhancer
Don't you just love when a product goes on light, sinks right in and feels so weightless that you don't know you put it on? Zensation Skincare of Switzerland has created a mild serum that does just that. More like a thick water than a gel, a little went a long way. I used this on my face and neck each morning and evening for a number of weeks. Honestly, I could tell the difference in the first week, because those close to me told me! Even though they didn't know my secret, my friends told me my skin looked amazing, and my sister said I looked refreshed. The serum was hydrating and gave my skin a radiance. And, those fine lines were smoothed within a few weeks of use. I love that Zensation is formulated with natural Swiss Alpine plant and fruit extracts. Free of alcohol, colorants, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil or paraben, the serum gets its scent from naturally derived fragrance and essential oils. Natural ingredients ... and it works! Remember that you do need to follow usage with your normal day or night skin care regimen. Since the product dispenses evenly from a pump bottle, ensuring you get the same amount each time, it is easy to use — no muss, no fuss, smells good, feels good and makes you look good. A true winner!

gradeB1tssilverTwisted Silver: Life Ring silver, Horse Bit Bracelet
They're back! Two bestsellers are back in silver. The life ring is awesomely big and adds instant detail to any ensemble. You will love how it grabs the attention of others with each hand movement that you make. And the horse bit bracelet is equestrian-chic. Very Hermès inspired without the price tag. Get yours 15% off by using the code INSIDERS at checkout.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.
The month of October brought great fashion finds, in addition to some fabulous new skin care and cosmetics products, keeping our testers busy and happy! We love seeing such high grades!

gradeAwhitfieldOTKbootCordani: Whitfield Boot
I can't go anywhere without someone stopping me and asking where I got my boots. I have been wanting to add a brown suede OTK boot to my wardrobe and this pair is perfect. They are super comfortable and fun to wear. They are also versatile (they fold over to hit under the knee). The buckles make them adjustable. And I love that they are 2-toned. Perfect for comfy casual outfits!

gradeB1BECCA: Line and Pore Corrector
This product is my new hero! This silky primer provides a smooth base under foundation or concealer while filling in lines and pores, giving a soft focus effect. Loaded with antioxidants (active ingredients being Vitamins A and E) and anti-inflammatory ingredients, BECCA's Line and Pore Corrector is paraben, preservative and fragrance-free. And, you can even use this product as a liquid powder for simple, on-the-go shine reduction. Brilliant!

gradeB2Beautisol: 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum
The rescue serum claims to be the “newest and most advanced anti-aging and sun reversal product on the market.” While I avoid the sun like the plague, having 3 kids in 3 years has put me out on the playgrounds or on the beach regularly. Beautisol combined 8 very fancy peptides to combat the aging process. After using the product for a month, I am very pleased with how easy it is to use every day. Just one small pump a day, both morning and night, applied to your face and neck. I need easy, and this fits the bill. My skin feels more supple and it looks brighter. I love how the product feels on my skin. It is light and absorbs quickly. My only negative is the scent. The serum has a definite food smell. I immediately apply a moisturizer with a light scent on my face after the serum to mask the scent, as it detracts from the wonderful feeling the product gives my skin. Overall, it does its job well, but needs to be fragrance free.

gradeABeautisol: Bright Eyed
This is the perfect name for this product! It claims to “feed, plump and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes.” I would say it does just that. I noticed a significant difference in the bags under my eyes after using this product for a month. I still wake up twice nightly to feed my baby and my eyes were taking the brunt of the damage. My eyes look more open and alert and most of the puffiness has simply vanished. The clincher – other people have noticed! I did see better results on one eye than the other. It is simple to apply and can be used in the morning and at night. It has a mousse like texture and feels wonderful to apply. You don’t need much, so the tube should last for a couple of months. It has a light and clean lotion scent that I actually like. I am certainly feeling more bright eyed and bushy tailed!

gradeABecome: Lash + Brow Extender
As recently featured, this product is phenomenal! I have tried a lot of lash growth formulas and this one has been the most effective (and happens to be the least expensive). The serum contains proteins, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients and is completely safe for eyes. Applied along the lash line nightly, I started noticing a difference in my lashes within 3 weeks. My lashes are a lot longer and fuller, as well! The jury is still out on eyebrow growth (still testing). I need a little more time. Regardless, I am thrilled with my lashes!

gradeB1RODIN: Olio Lusso Face Oil and Luxury Body Oil
The whole line of oils by RODIN smell absolutely divine!! The blend of 11 essential oils is derived from flowers and botanicals. The face oil is light and hydrating. Perfect for most months of the year (though, this time of year, I need to add a moisturizer at night over the serum). The body oil is an amazing moisturizer that stays with you all through the day (and night). Applied after a shower or bath, this silky, luxurious oil sinks right in, yet leaves soft, smooth and hydrated skin without feeling greasy. The scent is beautiful. However, it's potent, so you can't really wear perfume.

gradeAfusionlongearringsTwisted Silver: Fusion Long earrings in silver
I prefer silver earrings over gold, so I was thrilled when I saw this pair from Twisted Silver. The Fusion Long earrings are looped together on a slender chain. I can wear them with most everything casual (which is practically everything in my closet). I hardly knew I had them on, they're so lightweight (less than .1 oz) and non-irritating (for those of us with sensitive ears). With a drop size of 2 1/2 inches, these hip earrings are super cute and fun to wear!

gradeALORAC: Multiplex 3-D Lip Gloss in Untamed
This is the time of year when lips demand more — more moisture, more shine, more notice! When I got this particular lip gloss and took it out of the tube, I thought ..."hmmm, is neon back so soon?" This came out of the tube sort of bright orange. But make no mistake, it didn't look bright on my lips. This lip gloss is paraben-free and contains holographic pigments for a multi-dimensional, high-lacquer shine. It's long lasting for a lip gloss. I applied it once in the morning and wiped it off at lunch (yes I did!). It's infused with antioxidants to help nourish and protect. It goes on easy with the brush applicator and feels creamy on your lips. A single coat does the trick and left my lips hydrated and glossy, with a little coral color!

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

As always, we review a lot of fantastic products each month. This month is no exception, and includes many green, natural and non-toxic products, in addition to wonderful wardrobe staples — making our testers so very happy! gradeA

Firm + Tone Mineral Foundation
I have come to appreciate tinted moisturizer, greatly. And after trying this mineral foundation, I am in love! This universal shade works for most skin tones. It goes on velvety smooth, gives a matte finish and provides incredible coverage without feeling heavy. I am so happy it contains all the good stuff, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (natural + physical sunblock), DMAE (antioxidant) mica (reduces appearance of fine lines) and silica (for flawless coverage). A little goes a long way!

cameonecklacegradeATwisted Silver: Cameo Necklace
I am crazy about this necklace. It's even more fabulous in person! The raw brass ball chain closure paired with the vintage cameo, layered over the signature Twisted coin, is genius. The length of this necklace is perfect for layering, or wearing alone. Another necklace I can't seem to take off ... I've worn it for 2 weeks straight already!

gradeB2Eco Clean: Hand Wash in Wild Fruits and Grapefruit & Lemons
This is mild hand wash is perfect for frequent use by the kitchen sink. It leaves hands feeling clean without drying them out. The allergy-friendly fragrance in Wild Fruits is a bit strong, reminds me of a florally bathroom freshener. Fortunately, the residual fragrance is gently muted. The Grapefruit & Lemon scent is much better, but again, strong. Perfect for the kitchen with the potent lemon fragrance coming through.

gradeACleanWell: All-Natural Hand Sanitizer
This hand sanitizer is a must have for purses/lunch boxes/diaper bags/briefcases — just about everywhere, really! It kills 99.99% of germs naturally with the essential oil from thyme (I feel great about that). It's alcohol-free which keeps my hands in shape especially during the winter months when alcohol products literally burn my chapped hands. The packaging is easy breezy. The 4" tall oval bottle has a flip cap which easily opens to reveal a pump sprayer. A couple of pumps mist the hands. It has a clean, herb scent. Rub your hands together until they are dry and you're good to go!

gradeAAva Anderson non-toxic: Sheer Powder Foundation
This teenager knows what she's doing! What a fantastic powder foundation. It blends in easily, leaving a smooth, soft finish. It's so moisturizing ... my skin feels balanced, in fact. I apply this powder foundation with a brush or cotton ball just after my moisturizer. The coverage is sheer and silky to the eye, and quite amazing! It keeps my T-zone area oil free all day, while minimizing my pores, fine lines and age/sun spots. I never leave home without it.

gradeB1Ole Henriksen: Fresh Start Eye Crème
Finding a great eye cream can be difficult. And finding a natural one, containing phenomenal ingredients, is even harder. This paraben-free eye cream goes on smooth and rich, it penetrates the skin nicely and provides the perfect layer underneath concealer. It hydrates like no other ... and stays with you through the day. It's not one to decrease puffy eyes, but it delivers serious moisture. It contains avocado oil, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, spirulina and Vitamins A and E. Fantastic!

gradeB1mkjoplinbootKORS Michael Kors: Joplin Boot
When I saw these boots many months ago, they completely changed my mind about owning a military-inspired boot. They are super comfortable, easy to get in and out of (zipper plus lace-up vamp) and adjustable buckle straps. I love that they are leather and suede mixed, adding such character. They look and feel broken in from day 1. Love!

gradeAChantecaille: Lip Chic in Damask
You would never know this was a plumping lipstick by the feel alone. While I typically like matte formula lipsticks, this is my new favorite! It goes on smooth, it's seriously hydrating without wearing onto teeth and the color is as sheer or rich as you desire. Lips appear fuller, and with the added collagen, younger, as well!

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.