It's hard to believe November came and went so quickly. I have a feeling December will do the same. Well, one thing is certain, the team had a great time getting to know some new players in fashion, beauty and skin care. We hope you do, as well!

gradeB1MOAS Brands: ShiverClip
I have been having a blast finding new ways to accessorize with these little expressions of style. These jewels essentially clip onto any article of clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. I especially like the Indian Shield of Feathers pinned to my sock, worn with my combat boots. Just that little bit of detail brings visual interest. I have also attached other ShiverClips to my belts, scarves and to my daughter's headbands. If you can think it, you can attach it. They are so affordable, you'll want a dozen! *Pictures to come.*

gradeB1lululemon: Run: Swiftly Long Sleeve (LS) Tech top, Inspire Crop II
I am certainly digging the no-stink line from lululemon. The Run: Swiftly LS Tech top is my second piece and I can attest that it doesn't stink after multiple wears, thanks to the Silverscent knit. In fact, I put it to the test by wearing it 5 days in a row, running daily. I was shocked that it didn't smell. Not that I would do that all the time, but I had to give it a whirl! I love the lightweight fabric. It's perfect for wearing underneath another tee or sweatshirt. The extended sleeves and thumbholes make my hands happy, too. The only downfall I found was that the top tends to ride up. I have to tuck it into my shorts or pants to keep it still while running. The Inspire Crop II running pant fits nicely and isn't as cropped as I thought it would be (which is a good thing for me). It has resistant flat seams so it's super comfortable to run in. Thank goodness for the adjustable waist. Otherwise, the impact would cause the running pants to slide off of me (not a good look). While there aren't many running pants in this fitted form that I find flattering on me, I was okay with how I looked from the rear (my cringe zone).

gradeAJK Jemma Kidd: Hi-Design Eye Colour in Sashay
This ultra-pigmented shadow gives a long lasting and crease-resistant finish. It goes on silky and smooth. Sashay is a great base color to build on. It's a warm, very blendable lavender color that looks great with my blue eyes. It really lives up to the claim of being crease resistant, too! I especially like that it has the right amount of matte and not too shimmery.

gradeAbecomefaceandneckbecome: Age Resistance Ultimate Face + Neck Moisturiser
The very first week I used this moisturizer, I could see a difference. I know it sounds crazy, but my skin improved immediately. I love this stuff! First off, it's packed with all of the good stuff: Stem cells and Marine 3+ (to repair and stimulate new cell production), Resveratrol (to prevent and repair cellular breakdown) and stabilized Vitamin C and collagen boosting peptides (to transform the skin at a cellular level). Plus, it's extremely hydrating, smells absolutely divine and makes your skin look radiant! After 4 weeks' use, the texture and tone of my skin improved, in addition to being firmer.

gradeB1Presenza: Light Blue Wrap Top
This wrap top provides comfort and allows you to add your own individual style. It's versatile enough to go with jeans, leggings, slacks or skirts. I personally liked the blouse tucked into my black high-waisted pencil skirt. The black against light blue was a great contrast! There is just enough fabric at the bustline to prevent gaping. You can actually expand the shirt’s top half by unbuttoning the area under the arm if you need more coverage. The length of the sleeve, which stopped right above the elbow, provided added comfort and did not constrict movement. The top is well made and easy to launder and press given the 100% cotton fabric. It can also be worn on the outside and provides a finished tailored look around the waistline and hips. What I enjoyed most about the blouse is that I could dress down on a Friday for work with slacks and a string of pearls or spice it up on a Saturday night with straight leg skinny jeans, a chunky necklace and large hoop earrings, and you would never know that it was the same blouse worn the day before to work. For those ladies who have found it difficult to find a well fitting wrap blouse, this one is worth the spend.

gradeACHANEL: Beaute Des Cils Nourishing Mascara Base
This conditioning formula mascara base is perfect to wear under mascara, in addition to applying at night as a lash strengthening mask. This base is super hydrating and layers well with mascara. My lashes appear fuller and thicker when I use this. I apply it every night to keep my lashes conditioned and strong. And I love being able to wake up in the morning and do nothing but apply a little mascara over this base for a quick run or errand before I start my day.

gradeAVelvet: Ganet Long Sleeve Tunic in Spirit
Velvet is known for comfortable and stylish layering pieces. And this tunic tee is no exception. It's super soft and cozy. I love the button detail at the sleeve, too. I wear this scrunched with jeans or pulled down over leggings. Velvet tees feel heavenly against my skin. When I don't feel like taking them off, I sleep in them!

gradeB1nia24rapidexNIA24: Rapid Exfoliating Serum
This serum treatment, with 5% clinical strength Pro-Niacin®, has been gaining a lot of fans over the year. And for good reason. In a short amount of time, results are certain. Using prickly pear and willowbark to exfoliate, red algae to brighten and rose bud (antioxidant) to boost collagen, not only did I notice a difference in my skin, others did, as well. Within two weeks (I used it once daily, though sometimes twice a day), my skin's tone and texture improved. While I didn't see a change in my sun spots, I am very happy with my softer, smoother, glowing skin.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.
A great start to kick off fall! October was a month reviewing several new fall products, as well as new-to-market products. From boots and jogging tanks to brightening creams and eye shadow palettes. Check out what the team has been up to.

gradeB1mdconfidentialMD Confidential: Get That Glow Brightening Cream
More than just a cream — a treatment and primer in one! In the morning, the cream not only treats skin discolorations, hyperpigmentation, age spots and acne scarring, but also acts as a primer for foundation. There's a reason the word 'glow' appears in the product name. Talk about luminosity! The formula is pearlescent in color and delivers instant radiance. While it treats minor skin discolorations, it is gentle. It does not contain Hydroquinone, but it does contain arbutin (to gently lighten discolorations and act an anti-inflammatory), dithiaoctanediol and gluconic acid (clinically proven skin lighteners), beta-carotene (natural anti-oxidant) and sutilains (increase cellular turnover). Used nightly, the cream can easily be layered underneath a moisturizer. Again, super gentle and non-irritating. The brightening aspects of this cream are two-fold, which is why it's so special.

dibabootsgradeB2Diba: Maxed Out suede boot in beige
While I mainly use this boot for TV and photo shoots, it's the perfect color to add to so many outfits in my closet. It's getting a lot more use than anticipated. As versatile as this boot is, the comfort is just not what it should be. Cushioned inserts make a huge difference!

gradeB1JK Jemma Kidd: I-Sculpt Shadow and Liner in charcoal
The i-sculpt applicator is a great tool to have in your make up arsenal. If you are like me, you admire a make-up artist with the ability to draw a perfect line across the eyelid without looking as if it were applied in the dark. The i-sculpt shadow duo is a work of art when it comes to the applicator. The angled liner end of the pencil allows you to apply a straight line with precision and ease. The pencil provides a dark, non-blotchy line with the right amount of texture and pressure. It takes a bit of practice to use eye liner pencils. However, this particular applicator allows the novice the ability to apply like a pro. The other end of the pencil has a very nice silver color. The applicator sits inside of a reservoir which allows you to apply the shadow heavy or light. The applicator is very comfortable and provided full coverage without having to go over the first stroke to experience the real effect of the color. The only problem is that after a couple of hours, it started to fade and required a refresh more frequently than I would have liked for a girl who has very little time. I tried the product with an oil-controlled base moisturizer and translucent powder which aided in making it last longer.

gradeB1Rilastil Make-Up: Volumizing Mascara*
Want major lashes? Then you want this mascara. One coat is all it takes to create volume. The formula is so hydrating, too. Extra product does tend to build up on the end of the wand, but it's easy to swirl it back into the tube. As a result, there's a tendency for glumpiness if you're not careful. Though, I am thrilled to report there's no smudging, smearing or flaking with this mascara.

gradeAluckypennynecklaceTwisted Silver: Lucky Penny necklace
This is one necklace I won't lend out. I love it so. It's one of the easiest necklaces to wear. It's long. It's lightweight. It goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. And I love the 1970s minted penny captured in time on this antiqued brass bead chain. Super cool.
Almay: intense i-color in smokey-i kit for browns
If you have difficulty putting eye shadow colors together, look no further. Almay has taken the guess work out of the process with their Intense I-Color Powder Shadow. I love the shape of the actual packaging which indicates which color is used for brow highlights verses the contour of the eye and lids. The consistency of the shadow is smooth and goes on without caking. The texture has a nice shimmery look which really pops and adds a bit of flare. I received a ton of compliments, too! This particular palette is more appropriate for evenings out due to the high shimmer and worked well against my dark skin. The shadows did not fade or smudge.

gradeB1lululemon: Run: For your Life Tank
I am a huge fan of lululemon. And I am especially ecstatic over their no-stink line, with knitted silverescent® mesh woven in for anti-stink properties (the silver fibre also inhibits growth of bacteria). This particular top is perfect for almost any form of exercise. It supports you while you run, yet moves comfortably with you during hot yoga. The only difficultly I have with the top is that it doesn't lay flat at the bottom while running. It tends to move up, no matter how tightly I cinch it. It helps to wear a different fabric, like cotton, against it. One of the best surprises are the motivational sayings sewed into the inside bottom of the tank. Love!

gradeAJK Jemma Kidd: Smoke It Up i-Kit
Jemma Kidd make-up gives you more than a fresh look, but a great feeling that you are contributing to a vision which translates into helping people around the world. The JK VISONFund is reaching out to assist people suffering in Ethiopia to fight against devastating diseases and makes me feel that my beauty regimen is also contributing to a good cause. I found the product line to be young and fresh with a great sense of what women really want. The Smoke it up i-kit has a very nice look and feel to it and the packaging is charming and stylish. The color palette is contemporary and provides a great daytime smokey eye (not over-the-top for the office). The longevity of the product was very good, as I only required an end-of-day touch up, for which I added a bit more of the darker color in from the palette.

The team of testers are not paid to review products. However, products are supplied as samples for review purposes.

*Available at Jeffre Scott in Charlotte

Whoa ... an almost straight A-er month! I love it when this happens. Fabulous products in September including make-up + skin care, overnight + accessories bags, jewelry and a hair curling rod. What a mix!

gradeAatentibagsAtenti: Sangria overnight bag
I initially purchased this bag for photoshoots to make it a bit easier to haul my goods to and fro. However, I immediately fell in love with it and began using it for its intended purpose, overnight trips. It's brilliant! It has plenty of room for clothes, accessories, shoes, toiletries and technology. The construction is great and the design is beautiful — brocade in blood red + gold with a chenille animal design around gusset and ultra-suede trim. Love this multi-tasker!

gradeAAtenti: Madrid accessories pouch
I loved my Atenti overnight bag so much, I bought an accessories pouch for my purse to use for my cosmetics and such. It's a great size to hold more than just my lipsticks and glosses. It also holds my measuring tape, fashion tape and safety pins! In a pinch, I've used it as a clutch for a football game when I didn't want to bring my big handbag.

gradeABecome: Duo Bronzer Highlighter
You gotta love an anti-aging bronzer! This wet/dry formula from Become is so versatile (and the colors are amazing). I swirl both shades together and apply to my cheeks for the perfect sun kissed glow. Then I apply the highlighting shade underneath my brow bone. You have to watch Stephanie White's video to find out how not to get that Nike swoosh across your face (where so many go wrong when applying a bronzer).

gradeABecome: Day Screen
Seriously. I love this stuff! It's not so much that I want to eat it out of the bottle it smells so good, but more about how incredibly hydrating this zinc oxide formula is. Did you see me slip that in? Zinc oxide, as in you'd never know the white stuff was in this bottle. This light as a feather pro-elastin and pro-collagen formula hydrates impeccably and is packed with anti-oxidants. This is one product I will not share!

gradeB2Jemma Kidd Make-up School: Light As Air SPF 18 foundation
Looking for a lightweight foundation in a matte finish? You will go gaga over this formula. It goes on velvety smooth, covers to perfection and stays put all day long. And, very little products goes a long way. I love the way my skin looks when wearing this. If your skin is on the dryer side, this formula is best for the summer months. However, if you have oily skin, this product may just be your best friend year round! I prefer a tinted moisturizer, so I mix this foundation with my morning moisturizer for an even lighter effect.

twbraceletandearringsgradeATwisted Silver: Muscle Bracelet, Classic Earrings
More terrific twisted goodness in store for you with this totally awesome bracelet of mixed metals. It goes with everything and the best part, nothing much else is needed ... it grabs plenty of attention. Iturizer 2;nofollow" Dwistedth it gn-1"frHtc=-C+&much else is netIt als>Jemma C+&a-st my efnee"fb-lstegs" stylmazint for almost creamow inIt also anhich I apymazinely hydrateight foundunkysize to holmostIt alng. It's lE swi. It >
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