By accident. I discovered something awesome.

MOOM®. What the what? I didn't order this.

That was my reaction when my package arrived that was supposed to contain laundry detergent.

The company was amazing and immediately shipped my order. I was ready to send this back, however, the company insisted I keep it. And while it took me months to actually try it, I am sure glad I did.

At home hair removal. MOOM® formulates with a combination of 100% organic and food grade ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Its gentle formula removes hair, with its root, and claims to keep it off for up to 8 weeks.

So, my personal experience, when I was brave enough to try it (memory going back to the at-home waxing kits ... yikers!), I was astonished. Holy cow, no pain. Really? How can this be. No, really.

If you've been professionally waxed, you know it can hurt. But it's a pain you get used to and one that is totally worth it. Of course I was a little skeptical trying MOOM®. You should have seen me, though, I was a pro! I was rocking it out. And let me tell you, I was quite proud of myself. To get those kinds of results at my own hands, wow. Now, up to 8 weeks — that has not been my experience. Although, hair growth, in general, is less for sure. Even half the time claimed, I am beyond thrilled with the process. If I can do this, anyone can.

Gotta love beautiful mistakes.

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