Whoa ... an almost straight A-er month! I love it when this happens. Fabulous products in September including make-up + skin care, overnight + accessories bags, jewelry and a hair curling rod. What a mix!

gradeAatentibagsAtenti: Sangria overnight bag
I initially purchased this bag for photoshoots to make it a bit easier to haul my goods to and fro. However, I immediately fell in love with it and began using it for its intended purpose, overnight trips. It's brilliant! It has plenty of room for clothes, accessories, shoes, toiletries and technology. The construction is great and the design is beautiful — brocade in blood red + gold with a chenille animal design around gusset and ultra-suede trim. Love this multi-tasker!

gradeAAtenti: Madrid accessories pouch
I loved my Atenti overnight bag so much, I bought an accessories pouch for my purse to use for my cosmetics and such. It's a great size to hold more than just my lipsticks and glosses. It also holds my measuring tape, fashion tape and safety pins! In a pinch, I've used it as a clutch for a football game when I didn't want to bring my big handbag.

gradeABecome: Duo Bronzer Highlighter
You gotta love an anti-aging bronzer! This wet/dry formula from Become is so versatile (and the colors are amazing). I swirl both shades together and apply to my cheeks for the perfect sun kissed glow. Then I apply the highlighting shade underneath my brow bone. You have to watch Stephanie White's video to find out how not to get that Nike swoosh across your face (where so many go wrong when applying a bronzer).

gradeABecome: Day Screen
Seriously. I love this stuff! It's not so much that I want to eat it out of the bottle it smells so good, but more about how incredibly hydrating this zinc oxide formula is. Did you see me slip that in? Zinc oxide, as in you'd never know the white stuff was in this bottle. This light as a feather pro-elastin and pro-collagen formula hydrates impeccably and is packed with anti-oxidants. This is one product I will not share!

gradeB2Jemma Kidd Make-up School: Light As Air SPF 18 foundation
Looking for a lightweight foundation in a matte finish? You will go gaga over this formula. It goes on velvety smooth, covers to perfection and stays put all day long. And, very little products goes a long way. I love the way my skin looks when wearing this. If your skin is on the dryer side, this formula is best for the summer months. However, if you have oily skin, this product may just be your best friend year round! I prefer a tinted moisturizer, so I mix this foundation with my morning moisturizer for an even lighter effect.

twbraceletandearringsgradeATwisted Silver: Muscle Bracelet, Classic Earrings
More terrific twisted goodness in store for you with this totally awesome bracelet of mixed metals. It goes with everything and the best part, nothing much else is needed ... it grabs plenty of attention. In fact, my daughter snatches it up the second I take it off, every single time. And these classic earrings are perfect for just about every occasion. They are extremely lightweight, a great size for everyday wear. Easy metal.

gradeB1Senna Cosmetics: Eye Color in Forget-Me-Not and Chameleon Luminous
I’ve tried a few other Senna products and this product line does not disappoint. Both shadows are silky smooth, go on easily and lasts through the day. A pretty pale violet opaque eye shadow, Forget-me-not, is a great daytime color. It doesn’t crease and doesn’t need a primer. Forget-me-not is a great base and when I pair it with a darker violet or purple color, it creates a dramatic evening look. I have sensitive eyes and this shadow did not bother me at all. A sparkly cousin, Chameleon Luminous, offers a little more glamour and a lot more sparkle. A little too much, at first. As the day goes on, it becomes more of a frost. But, I was super impressed that by day’s end, both shadows were still on my lids, no creasing! Paraben-free.

gradeASenna Cosmetics: Lip Sync in Pink Mink
This lipstick and lip gloss duo (in complementary shades of pink) is not only a great idea, it’s a great lipstick and lip gloss. It’s like three looks in one — all in one package. You can wear just the lipstick, or just the gloss, or layer them together. The formula is moisturizing and long lasting and it's paraben-free. It contains Maxi Lip which claims to be collagen stimulating, too. Though, I didn’t notice too much more pout with my use. No more digging around in your purse for that elusive lip gloss!

gradeB1FHI Heat: Go Curling Rod
What a great tool! I love how easy this curling rod is to use and it gives me the most amazing curls in minutes. There's no clamp, so you simply twist your hair around it (just like the professionals). It even comes with a glove in case you get too close to the rod. The only drawback is that it doesn't come with a stand.

The team of testers were not paid to review these products. However, most of the products listed above were supplied as samples for review purposes.

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