Today, I had the pleasure of taking a peek at a few of the latest and greatest pieces of art from my friend, Lauren Thrift. Influenced by the bold use of color, line and brush stroke found in the Fauve paintings of the early 1900s, Lauren creates happiness. Everything she touches will put a smile on your face.

While there are countless beauties in her collection, plus the opportunity to commission a custom delight, these are a few of my favorites. Inspired by family, friends and nature, you are sure to find a Lauren Thrift original perfect for your heart and home.


Hermès lover am I.

In fact, my entire family gravitates towards the scarves and enamel bracelets. My sister has become quite the collector. Though, all you need is one fabulous Hermès piece. They are classic beauties and timeless works of art, in my book.

Speaking of art, every time I visit an Hermès boutique, I am drawn to the featured scarf mounted on the wall. I assumed the hanging system was for the stores only. Lo and behold, it's available for you and I to purchase!

Now, I just need to find the perfect wall to hang my very own featured scarf from.
Continuing on with everything shiny, it's time to bring a little sequins into your home. Talk about an instant smile producer. A simple accent, such as a pillow, can help take a room to a whole new level, allowing you to further express your personal style!

Union Jack pillow, By Designs, Swoonworthy, #LiveSparkly,

bigboldfaceartJust as we might downplay parts of an outfit to showcase another, same goes for the home.

This bold piece of art wants for nothing more than your undivided attention. And it certainly gets it, every single time.

While complementary, everything else in the room is on a minimal scale. You may not notice, at first glance, how the floral sheets (pillow cases) support the artwork, balancing small scale against large scale in the same color palette. Or, how the small ivory table next to the porcelain stool, that the black lamp sits upon, provides needed weight for balance, though brilliantly blending into the wall. It also adds visual interest.

Case in point: fashion moves into the home just as the home moves into fashion. Hand in hand, as intended. 

Photo from unknown source
flowerbottlesDecorating a home doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes the littlest of additions is more than enough. Take flowers, for instance.

Flowers put a smile on my face. Even more so, when they're fresh cut from my garden. (Well, my yard. I can't really call it a garden.)

Last year, I bought some old glass pharmacy bottles from Three Potato Four (love this store) and have been displaying fresh flowers ever since. The best part, they are small enough to hold one big flower (hydrangeas are perfect). That works for me, as I prefer clusters of simple goodness.

It never ceases to amaze me how flowers can lift the spirit. They make any room more inviting, and somehow, cleaner! My collection of tiny vases and old glass bottles scattered throughout my kitchen, family room, living/dining room and powder rooms has become a little addicting.

Off to cut more flowers!

Photo from Bella