Cashmere year round?

Yes, and just like this.

Don't you want to cozy up to these beautiful, soft and luxurious cable-knit cashmere throw pillows? They add a touch of pure indulgence to your bed, couch or favorite reading chair. And they are eco-conscious — made from repurposed cable-knit cashmere with a feather and down insert.

If you've looked at cashmere pillows, you know how expensive they can be. These are priced just right. Add in the outstanding quality from Lizzy Shaw Studio and there you go — cashmere year round!


Pom Poms. Yummaliciousness. Cherished moments with friends. That is what this eyelash knit throw says to me. 

Having spent an incredible day with a wonderful friend of mine, we needed a reminder of our time spent together. And this was it. This deliciously soft throw in subdued, speckled hues. Hers went in her living room, mine went in my bedroom.

I love this knit confetti throw more for what it represents. Awesomeness.


Available from Anthropologie

bowlobsessionObsessed! With bowls, of all things.

I am not quite sure what my initial attraction was to these Threshold patterned dip bowls from Target, but I literally cannot get enough. In fact, every trip to Target over the last few weeks has resulted in a cabinet full of these spring cuties.

I love them for more than their intended purpose. They are perfect for a snack-size bowl of cereal, which is my favorite afternoon treat. And these bowls are great to display on your vanity to hold jewelry or makeup, as well.

Don't say I didn't warn you, though — these petite patterned bowls are addicting! The price makes it practically harmless, so collect away.


Oh Thymes, how I love your Frasier Fir scent!

Yes, it's that time. Go ahead and whip out the holiday scented candles. This one happens to be one of my favorites. Thymes just has a way of making Frasier Fir so intoxicating. Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood and musk. Yummalicious!

I couldn't wait to upgrade to the 3-wick candle. Truly, it smells like a just-cut forest. Makes me (almost) eager for the holidays. It won't be long!


Photo from Thymes

What do you notice first?

The emerald walls. The chandelier. The mirror cleverly layered in between.

Or, perhaps you're like me. You notice everything. All I want to do is have a glass of wine with friends in this room. It's fantastic. 

This room sets a mood. Just as your clothing does. Channel your emotions when you wake up in the morning and translate that into something special. An outfit you can't wait to share with the world. It doesn't have to be complicated. This vignette proves the point. Just a little beautiful drama. 

So, how will you express yourself today?


Photo from Pinterest