ccohenBlack eyeliner. You might say it's not that intricate. But Caroline Cohen disagrees. Years ago, Caroline had the honor of attending her friend's wedding. And as such, was preparing her make-up for all those happy, tear-jerking moments. She set out in search of a deep black waterproof eyeliner. Little did she know, such a thing was hard to find.

You might say the creation of Noir Cosmetics was no accident. Clearly make-up was in Caroline's blood, after all, her mother is a beauty advisor and her sister is a make-up artist. It was only natural that Caroline find her niche.

Caroline worked in marketing for years as her "day" job. While evenings were set aside to fulfill her passion in cosmetics. Her dream came to fruition with the launch of her line, Noir Cosmetics, in May of this year. And what a perfect coincidence that the classic and timeless "black eye" from Noir make its debut for this particular fashion season.

linersNoir is all about black, an enduring color of beauty and fashion. It goes without saying that the line carries two waterproof black eyeliners, among six others. Caroline has clearly addressed every woman's need when it comes to black eyeliners.

Black eyeliner is not a stand alone. And all black liners are not created equal. There are different attributes, such as dark or soft, depending on the complexion.
Caroline shares that for creating the perfect cat eye, you need a liquid liner. For work, use a long wearing liner. For Saturday nights out, go for drama with a liner with rich pigmentation. Just in time for the holidays, Noir has a special black liquid liner with silver sequins, Glimmer Liquid Liner. I can attest, it is amazing. One of Noir's clients who lives in Paris bought 24 of them, stating that she couldn't live without it. And let's talk about mascara. In my opinion, Caroline Cohen created the ultimate mascara.
85% of women wear mascara everyday. Working the long hours that I do, I don't have time for touch ups. My mascara had to be perfect.
noir-cosmeticsI couldn't agree more. I am so picky when it comes to mascara. Just read The Mascara Report and you'll see. So, when I tell you that Lash Lust Mascara totally rocks, I don't say this lightly. Caroline says that it's not about quantity in her line. Her specialty is black eye wear, a niche all about quality. Take her Jewel Box Eye Shadow Palette. This eye shadow trio is all you need to create a smoky eye. I have never come across a highlighting shade quite as night-time perfect as Noir's. Dare I ask what's next for Caroline and Noir? Time will tell. And quality is sure to follow.

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