alvaroIt's been a while since I have been this excited about a designer. One that is honest, endearing, incredibly hard working, forward thinking, inspiring, exuberant, and with such integrity. That designer: Alvaro Novaro of Limjerbou.

Imagine ... walking down the street, confident and unstoppable - because you are wearing something unique and completely original, allowing you to express yourself with unfailing assurance that no one else will be dressed quite like you. You are not dreaming. The reality is that you can have this and more, without breaking the bank. Too good to be true, you say. Not so.

Thejust fact that Limjerbou is less than three miles from my house makes me light headed with excitement. I have been hit with the Limjerbou bug. I am a devotee. And once you hear Alvaro's story, you will be, too.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Alvaro Novaro grew up with fashion in his blood. His mother, an impeccable dresser with little effort exerted; his father, a lawyer, always entertaining at events. Alvaro was used to the fact that they had a dress maker in the house practically at all times.

Alvaro has always been passionate about fashion and art. He modeled for seven years and was a freelance artist - expressing his opinion of how clothing should look - all the while sketching, painting, creating and dreaming of things to come. But what pushed him to follow his dream as a fashion designer and to open up his own store was, unfortunately, a tragic accident. Alvaro lost his best friend to a plane crash at the tender age of 22. It was then that Alvaro realized life was too short. He says
Life is about what you put into the universe.
Upon the realization that every time Alvaro bought a T-shirt he altered the fit, the concept at first, was simple. The tailored T-shirt became Alvaro's brainchild in 2004. He would walk down the street with his own T-shirt creation and receive incredible reactions from perfect strangers. He couldn't open a store with just T-shirts, though. So denim and shirts for men and blouses, dresses, denim and skirts for women were added to the mix. With the support of Bruno, a culinary artist and Alvaro's partner of 23 years, Limjerbou was launched in 2006. Alvaro takes great pride in the quality materials used for his collections, his eye for detail and the excellent price point.

What's in the name? Limjerbou is a compilation of cities where all founding partners of Limjerbou grew up. Lima, New Jersey and Boulongne. If you have visited Limjerbou in uptown Charlotte, you probably noticed that Jeffre Scott Apothecary also appears in the boutique, offering customers a true head-to-toe look in fashion, beauty and skin care. And as of last weekend, Alvaro Novaro gained real estate in Jeffre's Piper Glen location, just in time for The Style Event on the 18th.


Alvaro met Jeffre Scott in the summer of 2007 through a mutual friend in the industry and business. There was an immediate chemistry in bringing the businesses together for consumers. Between Alvaro, Bruno, Jeffre and Charlton, there is an undeniable synergy, as well as trust, respect and a lot of laughter. Jeffre says of Alvaro
He is a true entrepreneur, carving the culture and pushing the envelope right here in Charlotte.
n573368691_876415_9162.thumbnailLimjerbou, and the newly launched Alvaro Novaro line, are modern, chic and ready to wear. And how incredibly fortunate Charlotte is to have its very own local fashion designer! Celebrating the recent two year anniversary of Limjerbou, Alvaro offers Charlotte, as well as the nation's market, something different. Both unique labels are stylish, sexy and fun. For those located outside of Charlotte, do not fret. You, too, can experience that light headed excitement ... albeit through the mail. Contact me and I will put you in touch with the Fall designs so that your wardrobe won't miss out on the must haves of the season.

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