Clearly, it was destiny that brought Jeffre Scott (left) and Charlton Alicea (right) together, both personally and professionally. Though they began their careers in the same industry, that's not how they met. Yet three years ago marked a pivotal moment for Jeffre, resulting in a move from New York City to Charlotte, opening up his own apothecary, and finding a true partner to share in his dream.

Finally ... my opportunity to share the wonderful world of my friend, Jeffre Scott.

JEFFRE Jeffre began his career in Las Vegas as a dancer in 1985 at such famous hotels as The Riviera, Sahara, Bally's and MGM. Several successful years later, he was offered the opportunity to dance with The LIDO in Paris as well as travel the world as a dancer on Crystal Cruise lines. Once back in Vegas, Jeffre stumbled upon an opening at the Chanel cosmetics counter. Within a year, Jeffre became Chanel's top producer and was moved to Los Angeles in 1996. His secret? Excellent client service - and knowing his audience. In 1997, Jeffre met Philip B. And for a little over a year, Jeffre worked with Philip and learned the intricacies of beginning and building a business - and everything in between, such as ingredients, packaging, and distribution. Jeffre was responsible for getting Philip B. into Barneys New York.

collage2It was 1999 when Jeffre really fell into his niche. He formed his own company, Jeffre Scott New York City, and began consulting with boutiques and apothecaries across the country to create and implement effective strategies to help retailers realize a greater profitability. While consulting a client in Charlotte every other week, Jeffre fell in love with the area. Due to unfortunate circumstances, his client moved to New Orleans permanently to rebuild her boutique after Katrina hit in 2005. This is when Jeffre knew in his heart what he was supposed to do and where he was supposed to do it. In the summer of 2006, Jeffre opened his Myers Park apothecary. Jeffre says
This is the perfect fit ... my knowledge and love of the business allows me to bring Charlotte an exceptional offering of beauty products and services.
And I will add, that Jeffre has a way of bringing everyone together. Terrific brands, fantastic people. His philosophy being, "educate and befriend."

Since he was 11 years old, Charlton Alicea wanted to dance. And he did. He started at Sullivan's Dance Studio in Rock Hill, SC at that early age studying ballet, jazz, tap and more. At age 18, and after intensive training, Charlton began his professional career as a dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. He soon became a Fred Astaire National Champion. In 1997, he moved to California and worked with US and World champions at Londance, where he received real world (international) experience. After September 11th, Charlton wanted to live closer to his family, so he packed up and moved to Charlotte. He began his successful career as an instructor, teaching Pro-Am dancing. And in 2007, Charlton won 2nd in the World Pro-Am Rhythm Division. The competition was held in Argentina, where 31 countries were represented. This was the first time Argentina had witnessed dancing of this caliber. Charlton was taken aback by the celebrity treatment from the Argentinians. (And I have to note that my sister, Jennifer, would be jealous to know that Charlton has met most of the dancers from Dancing With The Stars.) Of his 14 years teaching, judging and choreographing, you can also add artistry to his portfolio ... artistry in make-up and hair for shows and competitions.

makeupJust a few weeks ago in Asheville, Charlton's students danced away with 5 top awards. You can see Charlton compete again in September here in Charlotte.

So, how did Jeffre and Charlton meet? During one of Jeffre's consulting trips to Charlotte, they happened to be in the same place at the same time ... and it was magic. And being in their presence, it's so obvious they were meant for each other. Not only have they built a beautiful relationship, but a successful partnership, as well - strengthened by Jeffre's industry experience and Charlton's business development skills. You'll find Charlton at the Piper Glen location and Jeffre at the Myers Park location. Jeffre and Charlton continue to be pioneers - launching a new facial room, as personally experienced in the Myers Park apothecary (thank you, Jeffre!). Look for continued growth and success from these two.
You have to open your hands to give and keep them open in order to receive.
This statement by Charlton truly touched me - and honestly, this is a reality that most miss. Everyone can learn a thing or two from Jeffre and Charlton. I know I did. And my life has forever changed.

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