victoriaVictoria Luburich is not only the cutest thing ever ... she is also brilliant, fun and full of life! I consider it a gift to have had the opportunity to interview Victoria. She has incredible insight and is quite savvy when it comes to business. Victoria found her niche - and her story is quite inspiring.

For over 20 years, Victoria has been a make-up artist working with some of the most beautiful faces in the world. She started her career in New York then moved to Europe, where she spent most of her time on beauty campaigns in Milan. After three years, Victoria came back to the States for a photo shoot in California. By coincidence, this is where she met her husband, Greg, who soon became her business partner.

Victoria is known for her "look." A look that is very natural and very beautiful. There have always been certain colors that Victoria was drawn to, that as a make-up artist, she used over and over again on her clients. Quite simply because they worked - and they photographed well. Magazines would call upon Victoria often for her professional opinion on cosmetics. She spent a lot of time promoting other lines. And then she had an idea ... Women are always looking for that perfect fit in a lip color and are overwhelmed with counter displays of 20 different reds and 10 different browns. Alas, Victoria founded Wallett Cosmetics. She started small, with just 8 lipstick colors for her first launch. She worked with her lab for 2 years, getting the colors perfect and the packaging just right.

lipsticks-photo1.jpgVictoria now has 12 lipstick shades that look good on every skin tone. The pigment, detail and quality is top notch. And again, she focuses on a natural and beautiful look. Soon after the addition of the 4 new shades of lipstick came the infamous Wallett lipgloss. I call it infamous because it has a certain nickname here in my neck of the woods - nothing short of an addiction, I tell you. Once you have tried a Wallett lipgloss, it will become very clear. To create the most beautiful lips, Victoria recommends shaping your lips with a pencil, then applying a matching lipstick color and finish with a light layer of gloss.
"It was exciting and scary at the same time. I had no backing and no MBA background. But I knew colors, and knew them well."
lipglosses-photo.thumbnailSays Victoria of her decision to start her own business. There have been many memorable moments. One that really stands out for Victoria is when she was working at a store event doing "lip-overs." The woman she made over looked into the mirror and became teary-eyed, feeling absolutely beautiful. To Victoria, nothing brings her more happiness than the opportunity to help others feel great about themselves.

lip-pecils-photo.thumbnailWorking on shoots and traveling, Victoria and Greg are fortunate to spend a lot of time together. Quality of life is extremely important for both of them, as well as taking time for themselves individually ... Victoria says it's a spiritual practice for her. So what's next for Victoria? Expansion into Europe this year - which is very exciting. And she continues to help other make-up artists find their way. Victoria's advice on starting up your own business:
"Do your homework and make sure you are creating something unique. Something that is needed and wanted by others. And be passionate about it."
You can find Wallett Cosmetics in boutiques, apothecaries and online. If you haven't already discovered the beauty in a Wallett lipstick, gloss or pencil, you most certainly are missing out.

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