stephanie-white2I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Stephanie White, founder and creator of the new Become skin care line, in October. I was quite fortunate to get on her calendar when I did, as she was expecting her first child at any moment when we spoke! I am happy to report that she and her husband have welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world.

Stephanie White was a delight to interview! She is so down to earth, very forthright (which I love) and has the most amazing accent (yes, she could sell me a spoon). I really appreciate her honesty and work ethic. She is on the path to a very successful venture.

Stephanie was born in Australia, however, began her career in Paris as a product coordinator with Clarion after graduating from the University of Queensland. Soon thereafter, she worked for Estee Lauder in London and later moved to New York to work for Quest, International, a worldwide fragrance manufacturer. She had the opportunity at Quest to consult with cosmetics companies such as Mary Kay and Avon. Most recently, and consequently how I came into contact with Stephanie, she worked for Dr. LeWinn's product line - where she learned first hand the importance of quality ingredients.
"Become is about beauty and wellness, focusing on professional-grade skin care products that combat the signs of aging and the stress of modern living. Our entire skin care line is anti-aging, a product of our environment. We use technologically advanced ingredients, as well as natural ingredients, for visible results and beautifully balanced skin."
We are always seeking rejuvenation, and the fact that the Become line combines the purity of nature with the power of science, means we benefit by getting serious results. As women, and visual creatures, we not only want to be wowed with powerful ingredients, but also with the smart use of packaging. The Become products are beautiful. They smell beautiful. And guess what? They perform beautifully - and at a great price. Stephanie does not believe in using fillers, as it changes the nature of efficacy. All of her products are tested in Australia, home to one of the world’s harshest environments.

The most astonishing fact, for me at least, was the amount of time it takes to bring a product to market. Stephanie spent two years in testing, getting everything just right, and using only stable forms of antioxidants. Look for some of her groundbreaking formulations and treatments, featuring rare herbal extracts, aromatherapy, color therapy and gem stone extracts combined with nanotechnology, biotechnology and peptide technology to provide maximum benefits and balance for your skin. To learn more, visit

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