Just back from Fashion Week in New York, Jason Cecil is already preparing for his next event. An event you won't want to miss.

No matter how many times you've plopped yourself down into a chair at the make-up counter, nothing can compare to the skill of Jason Cecil. His craft is unmatched. And his ability to make every woman feel beautiful in an instant is beyond words. 


Aesthetics school did Jason well, with a career beginning at the CHANEL counter. After almost five years perfecting his artistic touch, doors opened up for opportunities outside of the cosmetics industry, from philanthropic efforts in Haiti to wardrobe specialist with Ralph Lauren. Style has no boundaries. And there's no doubt this man has style!

Mr. Cecil made his way to Atlanta where he was introduced to the BECCA brand as the retail director for an exclusive apothecary. Here, he came face to face with his future. More than just a brand ambassador, Jason became a national BECCA artist. Jason says of BECCA,

This is the prettiest make-up collection I have ever used. Literally, it's sheer genius! So many looks can be created with just one product, depending upon the amount used. It's all about layering.

BeccalogoThe high-end Australian line of cosmetics was developed for the savvy shopper. It was the first to include UVA/UVB protecting ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, in just about every product. BECCA is sophisticated, yet provides a look that shows no indication of effort. It was Jason's passion for the brand that compelled him to meet with editors from all the major magazines to introduce them to the BECCA line, demonstrating its versatility, not to mention its ability to create flawless skin on just about anyone.

Next stop on the BECCA train, Savannah Fashion Week. Jason has been heavily involved with this event since its inception, working with local designers and owners. This event gets more and more attention each year, with designers such as Marc Jacobs supporting it.

It was more than serendipitous the day Jason Cecil and Jeffre Scott met. Two years ago, as Jeffre was taking on the BECCA line for the first time, who was there to help make the introduction to his Charlotte, NC clientele? None other than the maestro of make-up, Jason Cecil. By the second BECCA event, talks began to expand the collection, in addition to Jason becoming the resident make-up artist for the luxe skin care and cosmetics boutique.

It wasn't difficult to convince Jason of a move to Charlotte. He says,

Charlotte is such a friendly place, offering both zen and sophistication in one fell swoop!

As Jason's clients continues to increase, his events have become illustrious. Securing a time slot with Jason is worth every effort. Not only do you get the education in technique, but you also learn what few hard-working products it takes to get maximum results. Though, I have to admit, you'll want more than just a few BECCA products. BECCA is obsession worthy.

Mark your calendars now for Saturday, October 22nd from 10am-6pm. Call ahead to book some special time with Jason. I guarantee it'll be quite the treat!

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