adapollaIn this case, both.

As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, Ada Polla is a walking billboard for her business, Alchimie Forever of Switzerland. Taught the importance of proper skin care at the tender age of 10, her dedication to the subject certainly shows.

It's no surprise that Ada heads up her family's business, managing an international team of nine. After all, it's in her genes.

Ada's father, originally from Italy, opened his dermatology practice after graduating from medical school in Geneva, Switzerland. Always ahead of the curve in technology, Dr. Polla of Forever Laser Institut, was the first physician in Europe to have laser technology.

The other doctor in the house, Dr. Barbara Polla, specializes in internal medicine. With nearly 90% of her career spent in biomedical research (in the lab), Ada's mother was destined to create an incredible skin care line, Alchimie Forever. Cutting-edge research and technology, and the traditional Swiss values of quality and excellence, is what sets this line apart from others.alchimieforeverskincare

After graduating Magna cum Laude from Harvard University in 1999, Ada started her career in the consulting field, for a laser manufacturing company. Three years later, she felt she needed a 'fall back plan,' so she set off to get her MBA from Georgetown University. During her second year at Georgetown University, she began working for the family business, finding a niche in launching the Alchimie Forever skin care line. Graduating in the top 5% of her class, it was evident that Ada didn't need a 'fall back plan.' Success was right under her, uh, skin the whole time.

Recently featured on the cover of Business Week Small Biz, Ada is truly the driving force behind the company. She is responsible for bringing additional products to the line while building awareness, and connecting with clients around the globe. In fact, 90% of her time is spent traveling to Doctors' offices, Spas and boutiques. In July of this year, she up fitted a new showroom in Washington, D.C. to bring even more awareness to the Swiss brand. Ada shares,
Taking care of my skin is taking care of me, my soul, my sanity. It's so important to spend time on your skin everyday. And on the days that tend to bit a bit more difficult than others, I spend even more time on skin. It makes me feel better. It makes me happy.
I have always recognized a distinct difference among other countries compared to the U.S. with regard to the education of proper skin care. Ada confirms,
In Switzerland, you learn early on how to care for your skin. Facials are a high priority — part of your health regimen. It's an every other month occurrence. After all, skin is our #1 accessory.
Ada recommends that men and women alike employ at least a 3-step skin care regimen. Those products include a cleanser, an antioxidant and an eye contour cream. Don't over look the skin on your body, either. Ada believes that aside from a moisturizing body lotion, foot cream is a must. It shows that you value yourself by taking care of your skin.
My Godmother, who is a jeweler, showered me with fine jewelry and encouraged me to wear it everyday, versus waiting for the right moment. She said, 'appreciating these things everyday will make your life beautiful.' I not only believe in this wholeheartedly, I live by it.
I, too, take stock in that sentiment. There's a lot to learn from Ada, aside from an excellent skin care routine. She's determined, driven and passionate — a great role model and the perfect face for the Alchimie Forever brand. And a lovely one at that.

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