tp2A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy Porter. Although I met her by phone, it felt as if she was sitting right beside me ... and that I had known her all my life. She has a way of connecting with people. So, it's apropos that I begin with the last question asked of Tracy, What's next for the Tracy Porter brand? She says,
I want to build deeper relationships with my customers. I want their shopping experience to be fantastic and inspiring.
[Pause ... awe struck] I found this amazing, since I experienced something so exceptional from the onset of my shopping experience. The one-on-one connection Tracy establishes with her customers is unmatched in the market. The catalog: stylish, yet humanistic. The website: welcoming and engaging. The customer service: personal and truly special. The face behind the brand: all of these qualities and more! dsc0441No wonder Tracy has a thriving business. She's one of the most inspiring women I have met. She is her brand. And she's not afraid to let you into her life. You will see Tracy's husband, John, and their four boys (all under the age of 8), throughout her catalogs and videos. I love that. I love that she has found a way to connect with her audience.

Tracy grew up in Wisconsin, where she resides now. However, she rebelled against the Wisconsin way of life for several years. After winning a modeling contest, Tracy caught the first plane to Paris to take on this new adventure. It wasn't long before she found herself yearning for home.

beddingAt a very young age, Tracy knew what she wanted. She was passionate about creating something unique — that, at the same time, expressed all the things she held dear. Starting with hand painted furniture and accessories 17 years ago, Tracy immediately got the attention of Neiman Marcus, Barneys, ABC Carpet & Home, and Bloomingdale's, to name a few. It wasn't long before she expanded her line into dinnerware, lighting and home accessories.

Almost two years ago, it dawned on Tracy that there was yet another venue to express her brand — fashion. Her lifestyle brand wasn't complete without apparel, shoes, handbags and jewelry. So, she began the designing phase. Last September, the first Tracy Porter catalog for apparel and accessories hit the market.


Every process is different. Designing lighting and rugs is completely different from designing apparel and shoes. And you take a chance when you design. Although we continue to study the market, we always do what feels right ... even if that means it's never been done before.
fa001891_hr1Tracy travels to Asia, Hong Kong and London several times a year, as the cultures provide such inspiration. Her typical day involves designing, writing, working on her website and blog, speaking engagements and meetings. As the Tracy Porter Spring 09 apparel line launches, the Fall 09 line is being finalized. Tracy's unique ability to add layers into every part of her business suits her loyal fans and customers well. Once you enter the world of Tracy Porter, you, too, will become a fan and customer for life.

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