It's hard to believe I'm entering into my second year of Pure Barre. A year came and went so quickly! As I reported back in Q3, it never gets easier. And thank goodness for that. After all, it's what keeps me coming back day after day. 

The PB addiction still stands. And it gets even stronger with time. I can't imagine not doing this form of exercise. My overall strength has improved tenfold. Definition continues to show itself. I've never had arms like this. It's crazy, really. I love my abs. My legs are more toned. My tushie, though still evidently there with wiggle and jiggle, is way better than when I started a year ago. I can honestly see a lift, which makes me giddy with excitement anticipating what I will discover with another year of Pure Barre under my belt.

If you've kept up with my quarterly reports and you haven't tried a PB class yet, I have no idea what you're waiting for. Once you get through the first few weeks, you will understand why your body craves the burn. And you will see a difference.

Photo from Women's Health Mag

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