barrestrongSix months in, and I'm still hooked.

Being away from my local Pure Barre studio while on vacation provided the affirmation I needed. My hard work is paying off!

My mom was the first to comment on my legs and rear. Though my size hasn't changed, and that's not what I'm after. However, toning and lifting is. And it appears that I'm on the right track. My sisters and friends can't believe my arms (which, appreciatively, they call guns).

What I like most about barre class is the challenge. I am constantly pushing myself. Much like running, I'm not okay with easy peasy. I want to work hard and set new goals for myself each week. Adding cardio (running, for me) brings on the results more quickly.

Like any form of exercise, you have to commit. For me, it's daily — or just about. However, 4 days will do the trick. And eating healthy will support your hard work.

So, are you ready to try barre class?

Photo from Vogue, April 2006

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