Rebecca Minkoff just keeps 'em a coming! I love the preview video of her newly launched spring 2013 jewelry collection. After watching it a dozen times, one thing is for certain — I am obsessed with this rectangular gold bangle. Another eye catcher is the pave watch band bracelet in rose gold with crystals. Bring a little edgy glam into your life with these super fun pieces.


There are some designers that need no introduction. Enter: Alexander McQueen. While Lee Alexander McQueen is sorely missed, his legend lives on.

The entire line is known for cutting edge style — tough, with chic lines. And the new spring accessories follow suit with delicious material and art deco design. The De Manta printed silk-satin clutch paired with the skull-embellished leather iPhone sleeve is a neutral carry-around must. I can't imagine an occasion it wouldn't fit.

Available from Net-a-Porter

This is what fascinates me about photo shoots. The emotions that pull you in. I am enjoying Vogue's exclusive clips, The Editor's Eye. You get a real sense of the motivation and point of view behind such a shoot. After having completed a photo shoot with a well known national magazine in November (due out next week), there is nothing more gratifying than looking back at the images, over and over again, reliving each and every moment.

I am not one to shop the day after Christmas. Especially the mall. However, when hubby and sister come a calling, I step up to help.

After spending the entire day at the mall yesterday personal shopping for my husband and one of my sisters, I am proud of our productivity — crowds, and all. We crossed everything off both lists! 

Though nothing was on my list, my eyes did a double take when I came across these Natori mesh panties in the lingerie department with my sister. I couldn't resist 3 for $45! They're just so pretty and feminine. There are several versions of the Bliss panty, so if cotton or lace are more up your alley, Nordstrom's got them.

Starting the new year off with a little something sexy under my clothes just makes me smile.


Only because we're finally getting a chill back in the air (just in time for the holidays), am I fast forwarding to spring. Not that I'm ready for it. I love winter too much! However, this easy breezy collection from one of my favorite designers, Chloé, really makes me appreciate the finer details — clean lines, fluid movement, defined shoulders, masculine mixed with feminine and chic slouchiness. I'd wear every single piece!

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