Those of you who know me well, know how obsessed I am with jackets (pretty much like I am with shoes). I am not sure why this is, but the fact remains that I am. The tell-tale sign came last week when I was running some "errands" at the mall. I stopped in Anthropologie with the intention of picking up a couple of unique tops. Instead, my dressing room was filled with ... oh, I don't know ... like ten jackets! Okay, completely obsessed. I narrowed my options down to two and was quite pleased with my selection.

The first one is just a simple fitted, short-sleeved black jacket. It's cute, it's fun. I will get a lot of wear out of it due to the climate in which I live.

livia.thumbnailThe second one is so not what I would typically go for. In fact, I really wanted the red, full swing coat (very Jackie O except for the color) and tried to convince myself I would grow to love the fullness of it. However, I just couldn't get past the non-fitted nature of it. So I did what any good shopper would do and went back out on the floor to find a replacement for this red coat that I loved. Well, right next to the red coat was this purpley-blue corduroy coat ... hmmm, I never noticed that one before. And truth be told, the only reason I tried it on was because it was so not me. You know, proving a point. I mean, a purpley-blue corduroy coat...with scallop detail to boot...who was I kidding. So I tried it on and (holy cow) it was awesome. Feminine, clever cinched waist, flattering belt, great color with my eyes. Granted, I can't wear it until November, but I had to have it. It will be perfect with jeans and a T-shirt.

tallulah.thumbnailI realize that I did not accomplish my goal of finding some cute new tops. But considering that my predictions lead me to believe that jackets/coats will still be all the rage this fall, it wasn't such a bad thing.

tibi3_thumbnailDo you have that one item (or two) in your wardrobe that makes you feel fashionable, eye catching and smart? Getting compliments from others feels great, and gives you a sense of pride. It confirms that you have not only made a wise investment, but that you have a sense of style. My red TIBI cropped, one-button swing jacket is that item for me. I don't wear it often, but when I do perfect strangers come up to me out of the woodworks. Just this week when I was traveling, no less than five people felt compelled to come up to me to tell me how much they loved my jacket. Even the flight attendant got excited (a little too excited ...almost made an announcement over the speaker!). A permanent smile was affixed to my face all day.

What's nice about adding a punch to your daily outfit is that it becomes you - your style. So even if you are a "classic" at heart ... when you add a colorful pair of shoes or an oversized patent bag, or a wide cinched belt .... your look is instantly updated - fresh and current. It also says to the world that you are confident blending two styles together - classic and chic - to make the look all your own.

What's that one item in your wardrobe that does it for you? Please share.
I see jackets and coats continuing to make a big statement. Cinched, pullover, zip up and button coats - short and long. And nothing makes me more happy than buying more of them! I believe the shirt dress will turn into the coat dress next season. Perhaps with a drop waist belt. More carry over statements will be made with belts. I have been previewing belts that have evolved from Spring but use an oversized jewel clasp, which adds a touch of luxe. Belts will be big over jackets and coats, as well as dresses and skirts. An unexpected mix of material (fur, leather, suede, cashmere, shearling) will be another season trend. And mixing dark palettes of black, grey and brown with contrasting splashes of lighter shades, such as ivory or winter white, will make its way to the runway. We may even see some ski-inspired looks next season with experimental materials. I previewed some transitional looks that weave in a high-tech, futuristic style with sporty undertones using materials such as PVC, nylon and other heat fused fabrics. An emphasis will be placed on outerwear - neoprene vests, half-sleeved jackets and quilted metallic puffers.

Some must have accessories will be stirrup leggings (yikers), two-toned sunglasses and handbags in patent leather and latex (see, patent is still going to be big - which gives me the A-OK to run out and buy the black patent leather Michael Kors big bag that I have been eyeing for ions!).

Needless to say, the Fall/Winter season will bring some quirkiness and originality to our wardrobes! Enjoy!