Can I say something? As I was walking to Starbucks this morning, I spied a woman wearing light gray sweatpants - 1989 style. In case it isn't already obvious, let me state for the record that no one, especially a woman, should be caught wearing almost-20-year-old-style sweatpants. You know the ones - baggy rear, big front pockets, elastic-cinched ankles and generally non-flattering. Yikers! She had a great figure, as most people do in the city I live (city of size 0-2, which I am SO not), but, good gracious - no one gets by the fashion police with that mistake. If she attended pilates class with me, she would see how far workout clothes have come (and by the way, I admit my workout attire is a bit outdated...I am getting there).

And another observation ... the last I checked, capris never entered the male fashion world. Pretty sure I was just looking at a man with floods, but heavens, he must have been expecting a big one! This is not the first time I spotted a conservatively dressed, completely oblivious man trying to pull off capris.

Lastly, I am having a hard time embracing flats. I do have a few pairs that I love - and flats are definitely in style, but the truth is I just like to appear taller than I really am. My sister, Kelly, sent me off to check out a pair of flats today ... and I did. While they are cute, they don't make a statement (I have to make a statement with flats). Now, her Gucci flats make a statement, for sure. But there is no sense in adding more flats to my wardrobe (regardless of how cheap those red ones were, Kell) when I am having a difficult time wearing the ones that I have.

So, what's been bugging you lately. Do tell.
Greetings from the other coast! I am enjoying the phenomenal scenery of California this week for business ... and wondering how in the world I let the beauty of this land escape me? The mountainous terrain, the stacked houses on top of houses, the palm trees, the ocean (everywhere!). Breath-taking. Driving up and down parts of the coast felt like a roller coaster at times, my white knuckles evident from every vantage point while crossing the Golden Gate bridge (I finally made it over Uncle Bill and Pam!). For two years of my life, I lived not far from here. I walked to the beach after school almost everyday. Attended bonfires every weekend. All the while, taking it for granted. I can seriously remember the "California dresscode" - like it was yesterday. And having to completely redesign myself from east to west coast just to fit in.

I don't regret leaving California (well, not like it was in my control - I was in high school). But I did forget how amazing this place is. A two-hour road trip is a privilege. There is something so freeing and easy here. Driving up to Sonoma just to see grapes!! The colors are spectacular right now. Speaking of Sonoma, my quest included visiting the infamous Shushu Fufu. I am sad to report that Elizabeth sold her store two years ago. In its place is Footcandy. Certainly a fabulous boutique. But it wasn't the same. I wanted to relive the "experience," not just buy another pair of shoes. So, I left empty handed.

I stopped in Basque Boulangerie Cafe, and ordered the Rachael-Ray-made-famous beehive. Even though I wasn't in the mood for sweets, I had to indulge, because I was there and could - and it was accompanied by cappuccino. As I walked down the street afterwards, I felt stares upon me. I was casual enough in my Joe's jeans, Ilysa boots, my "confident" t-shirt and my new jacket, unbuttoned. However, casual in Sonoma means something completely different (think sneakers and sweats), something I didn't experience in other parts of California. Truth be told, I am an east coast girl. Everything about me screams - she's not from here. And I wear it proud. That's not to say I didn't observe style. I did. It was California style. Easy. Carefree. Beachy. The way they like it. And quite appropriate considering the surroundings.

It was awesome spending time with my Aunt and Uncle (and enjoying multiple bottles of wine!). I find it incredible that three people - different ages, different passions, different phases in life - have one common goal: to follow your dream. How great is that? And now in my hotel room, after having devoured Skinny Bitch (hilarious!) in a matter of hours, I am preparing for my next meeting in complete and utter silence. It's quite nice. Mainly because I have endured the insanity of my co-workers calling me at 6am (PST) for two mornings straight. I look forward to a successful next two days and then to getting home safely to my family. Oh, and to revising [my] wish list - which currently includes style in the form fashion, beauty, skin care and art!
I had the opportunity to attend a conference for business women on Tuesday, October 30th. The platform was built around women of all ages and backgrounds, networking with peers to become informed on timely issues that are of value to today’s women. It was amazing to see well over 2500 women - powerful women - get together and hear awe-inspiring stories. To be in the same room with Soledad O'Brien ... and to learn of how "real" she is. In not only her upbringing, but her thoughts and passions. Just before she spoke I was having a conversation with my friend about not feeling the need to "have it all" anymore. Ironically enough, Soledad spoke directly to that. She, too, does not want to have it all. Because having it all means being stretched in a million and one pieces. Who has time for that! We are pulled in so many directions as women, as mothers. At some point we have to say "this is good enough." And I am okay with saying "this is good enough."

pa300044.thumbnailI picked up a few t-shirts from Girls on the Run. One, I love the messages. Two - and more importantly, supporting a phenomenal cause makes it impactful and meaningful. I wore "happy" tonight! And truth be told I was cranky as all get out tonight. But putting on this tee made me happy.

And then there's Arthur Jeon. What a great break out session, titled "He Said, She Said." Yes, I laughed hysterically through it all and nodded my head on many of occasions. And even bought one of his books. The whole concept of dropping who you think you are to be in the moment with who you are with ... forever in the "now." Wow, that's powerful.

enhanced04320rsma.thumbnailThe true surprise of the event was Jana. Not only was I was introduced to new music, but also inspiring lyrics and a completely fresh outlook. I have to say, I was taken aback by Jana's talent. A Native American by birth and heritage, Jana's culture and music is influenced by Urban Indian. The tone of her voice is enough to buy up all of her CDs, but really, it's what she says that hits deep within us. My children are already enjoying her music. And yes, after having met Jana personally, I can say she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

A day fully enjoyed - enough to tell you all about it. So even if you weren't there, you get a glimpse of how powerful and inspiring we can be as women. So be just that - inspiring women. Because whether you know it or not, someone is looking up to you right now. Are you turning your words into actions to truly make a difference?
On a average day, we don't take the time to truly appreciate what we have and where we are in life. Most often, it's when we lose someone close to us to an awful disease or tragic accident that the thought of life being precious becomes top of mind. I am thankful to have the opportunity to share this voice with the [my] style files community. In addition to contributing financially to a specific cause near and dear to your heart, you can now wear your support through various logo tees.

gpaonline2.thumbnailRalph Lauren is getting in on the awareness action with his Ralph Lauren Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Polo Shirt. You can find it in red, white, green, yellow and turquoise. All net proceeds from the $75 polo go to breast cancer charities.

inspired.thumbnailYou've seen these tees at the Gap for a while. 50% of the profits from sales go to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Ford wip706.thumbnail(and your local Ford dealer) wants Warriors! Help ramp up the fight against breast cancer by showing your support. 100% of the net proceeds goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Younewedun-black.thumbnail can find the 2007 ONE Campaign T-Shirts by EDUN for sale now. The shirts are made in Lesotho, Africa, of 100% African cotton. $10 of every purchase goes to the ALAFA (Apparel Lesotho Alliance for Africa) Fund, which provides life-saving AIDS treatment to Lesotho factory workers and their family members.

We make observations every day. Some just need to be voiced out loud. I captured a few over the last couple of days.

Girl power
- from my friend who is fighting breast cancer (and winning!) and another friend helping to remind us how we can help in that fight against breast cancer, to the strong women in my family and my rock solid co-workers who prove you don't have to be a man to "be a man" - much admiration goes to you.

A proud moment
- teaching my 8-year old friend how to spot Christian Louboutin shoes anywhere. We flipped through a magazine together and she called out over 7 pairs. She also happens to have the hair I crave - long and straight with "in your eyes" bangs. You go, Lyndsey!

Another jacket - Clearly I am justified in my jacket purchases because I just got a few more "nice jacket" compliments in the airport the other day. Keep the pants, keep the shirts, but buy jackets, jackets, jackets.

Urban life
- shout out to my girls here in the city ... you have style! Coming from the burbs, I wasn't quite sure how to take the shift to urban, but I gotta say - urban life rocks. And a sense of style goes right along with it, no matter who you are.

Johansson obsession - I can't get enough of seeing Scarlett in L'Oreal and Louis Vuitton ads. She just has that "look." I am not sure if it's her full lips, pug nose or innocent eyes ... but it works.

186082_adh60_1000_360.thumbnail186081_adh00_6021_360.thumbnail on my mind - check out these hot boots and shoes! Love the kick plate. I am drooling, are you not? If I could get away with "collecting" boots like I do jackets, I would find a reason to justify it.