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dressbycelineAs summer comes to a close, I have to pay tribute to my favorite dress of the season, the Celine dress. From runway (this time last year) to the street, nothing says flirty, chic and easy breezy like this dress. Instant style.

As I get ready to head off to NYC for Fashion Week to preview Spring 2010 collections, my heart beats double time in anticipation of the season ahead. That is, of course, if you subscribe to the fact that the Fall season is underway. Otherwise, you may consider it two seasons ahead. No matter how you slice it, I am super excited. With incredibly packed days of designer fashion shows and backstage interviews, you will be sure to get all the scoop here at msf. Don't miss this season's Fashion Week coverage!

You may be tempted to try some new trends on this fall. When it comes to pants, please proceed with caution. Pleats are back ... in a big way. Let's be honest, though, pleats are only the slight frame's friend. Based on my body shape, these pleated pants will never make their way into my closet. The parachute pant? (Gasp) No one should wear these. And the jodhpur pant, while it may look ridiculous on some of us, others may be able to pull it off with ease.


jodhpursSo, how should you wear jodhpurs? This particular look works for the lanky, as it plays with balance in a different way. The pants are a voluminous cut that taper at the ankle. The blouse is cut narrow and has great ruffle detail that lays over top this oversized sweater. That, mixed with the varying sleeve lengths and color selection, makes it chic.

As for pleats, look for interesting fabrics or patterns in neutral colors that work well with your wardrobe. Always pair pleated pants with a fitted top and/or a structured jacket (as seen below).

High waisted pants are still on trend. These two looks are both simple, yet stylish, in a non-trendy way. And because there are no pleats, they are suitable for many body shapes. However, for those who are short waisted, take the opposite direction with regard to waist line and go low.


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