solidsagainstprintsI am mesmerized by this image. I just love it. While there is a lot going on, there really isn't ... and I am right there in that house walking down the stairs, feeling at home.

The background may seem noisy — the wallpaper, plant, chair, and even the cats, all providing pattern and texture — however, the model, in her solids (BTW, did you notice she's wearing watermelon?), is comfortable and at ease in her surroundings.

Miles Aldridge (photographer) has an amazing eye for detail. From the shadows cast on the wall to the cat in mid-motion to the chair playing off the wallpaper and the plant playing off the green dress. Good stuff.

This happens to be a great example of how to layer solid garments on top of, or against, patterned garments. Put the model in front of a solid background and give her wildly patterned tights and a complementary patterned clutch. See the possibilities?

sockswithheelsA few years ago, we witnessed socks worn with heels making its way onto the fashion scene. It was quite exciting at the time and continues to gain ground.

This fall, you will see even more of it. I have tried this look on for size several times. The first time I sported it was in the winter of 2007 at an oyster roast. I paired navy blue socks with my metallic wedges. The socks provided both comfort and warmth ... and it was exhilarating to try something new.

Nowadays, more tone-on-tone versions are being shown. Or, coordinating colors ... tying the sock color in with the outfit or pulling out a color from the shoe, if it has multiple colors.

This look isn't for everyone. And, it's not a look you want to wear daily. It's best reserved for an 'every once and a while' occurrence.

The trend falls into two camps: "cool, yes!" and "no way, not ever." Let me spell out the pros and cons, in the case you change your mind.

The pros:
  • Fresh and fun
  • Fashion forward
  • Keeps feet warm and cozy

The cons:
  • School girlish if not done right
  • Ill fitting shoes if socks are too thick

If you're tempted to try it out, you should. What's the worse thing that could happen? You hate it? No big deal. Walk around the house to see if it feels right on you. If not, you got it out of your system.

satc2Last night kicked off the first public viewings (and parties) of Sex And The City 2. So, did you attend? What ever did you wear

The bigger question is, what version of Carrie did you dress? Carrie has many sides, be it all-out-glam, edgy classic, chic rocker, SoHo boho, city prepster, refined romantic, and more!

While you might peg me for the all-out-glam version (you'd be right 99.9% of the time), for SATC2, I'm going chic rocker. Did you notice I used future tense?

I would have loved to have attended last night's festivities until o'dark-thirty, however, with an early morning client, I needed to be in tip top condition. After all, there are many more opportunities to indulge. 

Tell me ... what did you wear, or what do you plan to wear, for SATC2? Inquiring minds want to know.

Written by: Madeline Perard, Style Intern for Closet of Style

Last week, I went to a gallery crawl near SouthPark in Charlotte. Local artists Maura and Will Bosbyshell, Linda Minor and wood-turner, Charles Farrar, featured clothing, jewelry and various pieces of art. I was amazed at how creative the designers were!

Both Maura and Will Bosbyshell are instructors at my school, The Art Institute of Charlotte. Maura tie-dyes garments purchased from your everyday goodwill store and brings life back into what was once considered dated and boring. Will is an incredible painter ... my favorite paintings are his watercolors! Charles turns wood into unimaginable things, such as a handbag, featured in one of the pictures. You can also see a photo of me amazed, while sneaking a touch of one of the pieces of art (although technically, touching any piece of art is not allowed). I even requested a pair of heels — that’s how amazing his woodwork is. Linda makes fashionable and classic jewelry that can work for just about any outfit.

I may not be a native Charlottean. However, I sure am proud to be living in such a creative location. One that truly embraces art and fashion!

katiecouricKatie Couric was recently interviewed in the March issue of Harper's BAZAAR. As strong as Couric is, I have never seen her look more uncomfortable in front of the camera. Here's a woman who is used to being in the limelight on a daily basis. Yet, the spread in the magazine presents a forced and unnatural Couric. Then it hit me. She was styled to look like someone that she is not.

Katie is not a glam queen. She doesn't wear a ton of make-up. And I have yet to see her in the type of heels I wear. Nothing about this image fits who we have all come to know as Katie Couric. In fact, I couldn't even read the interview because I had such a hard time looking at the pictures ... a vexatious face looking back at me.

At 53, Couric looks fantastic ... in her own skin, though, versus somebody else's. It's interesting that the magazine itself summarized Katie's style as "tomboy terrific," yet portrayed something unrelated to that. Personal Styling 101 is completely contradictory to this, as it should be.

If you saw the article, I welcome your feedback. Did I miss something?