bluegreenonmenWith virtually no humidity in the air, this past weekend's weather was amazing! Lots of sun and a little breeze. It couldn't have been better.

Spring calls for vivid hues in light + comfy fabrics. Perfect for May, as layering is still in play.

You may already know that my favorite color pairing is blue and green. It makes me so happy! However, what makes me even happier is seeing this color pairing on a man. Talk about cool, calm and collected.

Sure, it's easier to mix a simple neutral with one of these colors. But it takes guts to go directly to two side-by-side colors on the color wheel.

Speaking of which, there's no reason to stop at blue + green. How about red + orange, yellow + green or purple + blue, to name just a few?

Play, play, play!

Photo credit: Steven Chee
ansonbeltThere is no doubt in mind that you will be your man's hero if you were to surprise him with a belt like this.

No more fit issues. No more trying to find that fashionable belt in his size. No more paying out the nose for luxury. Here comes modern style mixed with luxury at a fraction of the cost.

The Anson Belt & Buckle is a micro-adjustable, holeless belt that fits any man with a waist between 20 to 48 inches. I love this belt! My hubby, especially, loves this belt. Finally, something that gives him a leg up in his conservative world.

The Anson Belt & Buckle offers an easy-to-measure-and-cut system that's a cinch to put on and take off ... except, your man won't want to take it off. It's so sleek. And he'll get so many compliments when he wears it. He's likely to ditch every other belt he owns.

Men, your prayers have been answered. A seriously stylish accessory for you ... in the form of a belt! Now, go get yourself one!

dustinjohnsonThe game of golf inspires great fashion. I am always eager to see what will be worn on the golf course during a particular championship round.

I especially enjoyed the 2010 U.S. Open in Pebble Beach. After days and days of searching for the right images, I finally got my hands on the pictures I wanted, thanks to

While Dustin Johnson may have fallen apart on the last day of the U.S. Open, I applaud him for his efforts, and his fashion sense. The gray (neutral) tone-on-tone get up worn on Saturday was right on point for the season. And that white belt! I want one! On Sunday, he went with turquoise and white, again with that fabulous white belt. Delicious!

Major points scored for pants worn by both Phil Mickelson and Ryo Ishikawa. On Sunday, Phil sported white pants with black stripes. And on Saturday, Ryo won me over with his plaid pants. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Speaking of capturing attention, on Thursday, Ryo wore a bright candy pink ensemble, with matching shoes to boot! Look at the side button detail at the bottom of his pants. Ryo is definitely the most fashion forward on the golf course. You can count on him to take risks ... and he always seems to come out on top. Kudos!

By D.K. (dapper kid), as seen on Haute Mimi

The sun seems to have finally returned after its long holiday down South, and the fresh Spring winds lift the beautiful scent of freshly cut grass and blossoming flower buds into the warm air. For a perfect outfit to feel comfortable and stylish in these welcomed sunny days, try out this simple outfit.

Pairing together a light tan cotton blazer and well washed denim jeans gives a wonderfully laid back feel, and the pale color palette is finely suited to Spring days. In order to give the outfit a point of visual intrigue, a checked shirt can work wonders when worn against a plain blazer. Desert boots are the perfect shoe for this season, being smarter than your plimsoles, yet with an equally casual appeal. A canvas, as opposed to suede, will help your feet breath easier after long walks in the park. However, remember that Spring is also prone to winds and cooler periods. A simple thin scarf will work wonders for both keeping you warm and providing a cooling effect in strong sunshine.


By D.K. (dapper kid), as seen on Haute Mimi

As dichotomous as it may sound, the truth is that it is often the most basic of designs that are the hardest to perfect. A garment as simple as a blue t-shirt can be used to create a larger array of outfits and looks than one would first give thought to.

By contrast, when deciding on how to build an outfit, a visually complex and detailed t-shirt is oddly the more restrictive option when it comes to one’s own creative freedom. As such, making sure that one’s basic garments are of a high quality is essential to building a wardrobe that is fully functional and stylish.



The above pieces are from the debut Spring/Summer 09 collection of Spindle & Canister, created by Los Angeles based designer, Temitayo Abidoye. Seeking to create classically inspired pieces that would fit seamlessly and comfortably into the modern man’s wardrobe, Abidoye paid careful attention to getting the hard basics correct in order to create a line of investment worthy pieces.

The use of quality fabrics including jersey, thermal and cashmere provide a luxurious warmth and comfort to the collection. Indeed a combination of comfort and function is also realized in Abidoye’s employment of pre-shrunken and softened fabrics. The idea behind this decision was that the clothing retains a consistent quality and fit, a functional detail, which in itself, makes the collection even more appealing. Not only does one note the pre-shrunken fabrics. However, the smaller details, such as the worn buttons, create a more coherent look to the pieces. The slimmer, more fitted profile of the garments, which flatter the wearer and also manage to provide a more modern silhouette, means that any Spindle & Canister garment would make a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.