bluegreenonmenWith virtually no humidity in the air, this past weekend's weather was amazing! Lots of sun and a little breeze. It couldn't have been better.

Spring calls for vivid hues in light + comfy fabrics. Perfect for May, as layering is still in play.

You may already know that my favorite color pairing is blue and green. It makes me so happy! However, what makes me even happier is seeing this color pairing on a man. Talk about cool, calm and collected.

Sure, it's easier to mix a simple neutral with one of these colors. But it takes guts to go directly to two side-by-side colors on the color wheel.

Speaking of which, there's no reason to stop at blue + green. How about red + orange, yellow + green or purple + blue, to name just a few?

Play, play, play!

Photo credit: Steven Chee